“green lantern” film review

I’ve realized over the years I have a thing for comic book/superhero movies, since quite a few of them are my favorite. I’m not saying this one is a favorite, but I just wanted to make that known. I’m not a big Green Lantern fan either, but I like the character enough that I felt he deserved a midnight showing… so I went.

As usual, when it comes to these kinds of movies, you’ll have fans in costume. I saw a lot of dudes with GL t-shirts of some kind. I don’t own any t-shirts that have superhero insignia on it (even though I heard someone say McLovin could be a hero, so maybe that’s the love exception to my collection). In any event, the fans were out. Not really in mass numbers, but enough to have a presence. I think the reason there wasn’t as large as a crowd is because a lot more theaters are doing the midnight premieres… so that opens up a lot more seats and the theaters aren’t as packed, like when I went to see Watchmen a couple years ago where it sold out.

But let’s talk about the movie. I know enough about GL’s history that I wasn’t too lost on the mythology. And I don’t think you need to know about his history or read the comic books to follow along. Again, I’m not a comic book reader. But for those who were, they were rewarded I’m sure. Let me also just say this now, stick around for the credits.

We get a quick backdrop as to the evil that’s known as Paralax escaping a prison formed by the Green Lantern Corps. and begins to go on a path of vengeance to those that imprisoned him. He harnesses the power of fear, which is yellow. Green represents the power of will, which is the strongest power in the universe. (Delving deeper into this world with the help of Wikipedia, you’ll learn (or already know) all the colors represent some kind of power, some much more powerful than others.) The Green Lantern Corps are pretty much the police of the universe, with representatives all over the place. I’m explaining way more than I need to. All you need to know is that Hal Jordan is the first ever human that’s been picked, after Paralax nearly killed a Lantern. Before dying, he passes the ring to Hal, and soon after, Hal learns the ways of the ring.

While Paralax is the main villain, there’s also Dr. Hector Hammond. He had issues to begin with, but they got worse when he got infected with some of Paralax’s power. Fun fact, Hector and Hal have daddy issues.

Okay, now for the stuff I really wanna talk about. There’s a scene after Hal gets the ring and is talking to Carol… a Sam Cooke song comes on! And it’s one I consider rare, but it’s playing in the background! I nearly had a heart attack… and almost started singing along out loud. I kept my composure though, but I was super excited to hear it and if the rest of the movie sucked, that would’ve been my highlight.

The issue of seeing this in 3D… it’s a tough call. I’ve been telling people it wasn’t necessary, but it won’t hurt either. The only fun scenes that the 3D helps is whenever the rings are being used, or just any action scenes in general. And there’s a great deal of action, so you shouldn’t get too bored. I think kids would like it too. I didn’t see any problems bringing the wee ones to this, mild language and violence. It’s a superhero movie, you have to expect those things.

Now I want to address these reports I hear about the pro critics giving this movie bad reviews… I haven’t read any of them, in fact the closest thing I read for a review was a C+ grade. I’d give it more of a B+ really. I had a fun time watching the movie. I don’t know what they were expecting, unless we are now measuring all comic book movies to The Dark Knight. Please, let’s not do that. I agree with everyone else, that movie was very awesome. But while these characters live in the same world, they see and interact with the world very differently, and should have different styles. That’s IF anyone was comparing these two movies. Was it the acting? The story? The characters? I don’t know, I didn’t have a problem with any of it. I enjoyed what I saw and have no problem seeing it again.

And again, I say to hang around for a scene during the credits. Especially those who are more familiar with the Green Lantern universe. I’m telling you, the fan boys that sat in front of me geeked out after that scene and that made it that much more better. I don’t know if a sequel is in the works, but it’s a scene that easily sets up the next installment.

Overall, catch it in theaters. Should be fun. 3D is optional. If you’ve got the extra green to spend for it, go for it. I’m reading reports that this is technically a conversion, and wasn’t shot in 3D, so don’t look for Avatar like quality. And don’t be ashamed to wear your superhero shirts. Others had Superman to make up for the lack of Green Lantern gear.

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2 comments on ““green lantern” film review
  1. Brasil says:

    At least he wasn’t the Wonder Twins, but Aquaman got more love than Green Lantern on that show. Thankfully, my friend explained why Green Lantern is so cool. I mean, having the power to create anything you can imagine… that’s pretty awesome stuff. Obviously, the more imaginative the person, the better, and that was my main concern going in to this movie — that the things the writers came up with for Green Lantern to create wouldn’t be that creative.

  2. Doodly says:

    Kids can study to identify widespread shapes resembling circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, pentagons, trapezoids, semicircles, and hexagons.

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