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My fellow Indoobians have probably noticed my lack of involvement here on my blog or even on the Internets as of late. A few tweets here and there, but my presence has since been minimal for the better part of the last couple weeks.

And my absence hasn’t been intentional, but probably necessary. A now famous mantra for me is to say “life happens.” And for some reason I can’t fathom, life happens to me in great massive chunks like beef stew ought to be prepared. And kids, I’ve had a rather large serving recently and only the past few days I’ve been able to process all that life has to offer.

I had a dream last week that seemed to shake the very core of my foundation. I’ve always had an interest in dream analysis and interpretations, all the well knowing that sometimes a dream is just a dream… but sometimes, they could mean something to you and your life. So far I only have one book to help with figuring out what seems to be the most random insanity that happens during my unconscious, but it’s been most helpful for me and others who ask for a little insight. But this ground shaking dream involved great impending doom. Similar to an end of the world event. Something that I dare not explain unless I had the help of some awesome CGI effects to help illustrate it. But for those inquiring minds, just imagine huge cannons materializing out of thing air and aiming straight into the ground. The purpose? To destroy the foundation of not just buildings, but entire cities and probably the world. I told you it was crazy.

There was more that happened, but that’s generally the plot of this dream which actually terrified my at first. After realizing I was alive and well, I researched what this meant and the answer was more of a revelation than any kind of a surprise. And to simplify the translation: I was experiencing, or about to experience a major change in my life. And this was true. Even before some of the major changes started to occur, or I knew what was in store, wheels of newness were already in motion.

I had been taking a class about getting published and was just about finished with it before I decided to make a move to start a new chapter in my writing career. I was also meeting new people and friends as well as reuniting with great friends from back in the day. My parents have been (and still are) hard at work getting grants ready for our church. So there have been some major shifts happening in my life and whatever I felt was “normal” was beginning to change.

Change isn’t always easy, but a truth I’ve learn is change is inevitable. And it’s been said many times by many people, but we all should plan to be surprised. Whether or not I actually plan for surprises is another story. But I know if you don’t put out an effort to make something happen, don’t expect anything to happen.

So I sent out a resumé, taking a risk, making an effort, and a few days later I get a response. Plans are made for an interview even though the position I applied for was filled. Around this time I had the groundbreaking dream. This was also the same time I had met with a few people, making new friends, meeting old ones… I was in a good place. The interview went great and I can now add “journalist” to my writing credentials!

I also bought a new laptop the same day, which was dire since my old one was failing miserably. At this point, I’m under the impression it’s due to overheating due to extensive research as to what may be causing it to freeze and crash. But it’s also 5 years old. It’s treated me well though.

So I bought a new Toshiba, named Alisha-Kim. I’ve been very pleased with it thus far and I’m now fully engaged with Windows 7. Yeah, I was still on the XP. But between transferring my iTunes library and installing the programs I regularly use, along with working my day job and just living, it’s cost me not being “online” like I usually am. Hence explains what happened to my last few friPod posts.

Halloween in particular was a hectic day too. I was still adjusting to Alisha-Kim and just acquired my old iTunes library and also had to DJ for our church’s annual Harvest Festival. But I was prepared and we had an awesome time. I was quite tired by the next day and almost called out of work to rest after such a full weekend. But I pressed on and ended up this week closing out with a record 73 files! As a reminder, my quota for a full week’s production is 55 files and lately I’ve just been hitting the mark. So how I was able to go above and beyond is something rather shocking and truly impressed myself.

After closing out such an awesome week, I also have waiting for me a number of forms and contracts from my new part time job as a journalist. So I will be signing those shortly.

I realized it’s time for a celebration, even if it’s just a party of one. I thank God for the opportunities that I get and the people that have been placed in my life to help get me there. So I treated myself to a juicy steak, which is in the oven as I type. I figure with all that’s happened the past couple weeks, I deserve it. I’ve also come to the conclusion that from now on, I’m not going to try to impress anyone except myself. Dreams do come true, hopefully not always in the literal sense.

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