fripodding and saying goodbye

As time got closer to the ending of LOST, I had the conflicting bittersweet feeling that I’m sure many other had experienced as well. The sweet anticipation of the ending to a really great show and an awesome story that took 6 years to tell, as well as the sadness of not having new adventures to tune into every week. But alas, the time came and went. Most of us have coped with it (and are probably just waiting for the DVD to complete the set), while others are looking for replacements to fill that void. Or at least try.

On a more personal matter, that bittersweet feeling has returned. Instead of a TV show, it’s a few of the most awesome people who have had a profound influence on my life that are having their series finale. At one time or another, they have been what I would consider my rock. They are members of my exclusive, small inner circle that I tell my deepest, darkest secrets to. They kept me stable and sane as well as supported me in various ways as well as with many of my creative projects in the past. I am eternally grateful to call them my companions in this journey called life. Although this sounds like I’m on a suicide mission to reignite the sun, that’s simply not the case. You’re supposed to give flowers while they can still smell them, right?

They are just moving to a new location. Some in day-trip driving distance, others, not so close. But it’s an inevitable change we all come to at some point in our lives. Whether it’s us that leave, or those people we deem to be our best friends traveling to the ends of the earth to fulfill their hopes and desires, to which I would never hold them back but only wish them the best. And while it may seem like we are saying goodbye, it doesn’t have to be “Goodbye forever.”

So this post is dedicated to those special people in my life that are making that change in their life and moving to new locations. I pray they have success and continue to pursue their dreams. Surely I will do my best to stay in contact, and hope they don’t complain about my novel-esque emails I’m accustomed to sending. Get over if, I’m a writer… and I consider them my #1 fans so I’m expecting fan mail in return. Phone calls are also welcome, and I know they work both ways. If I need to, I’ll break out the old pen and paper until I’m able to board a plane or fill my gas tank to reach them. But since this is 2010, there’s Facebook and text messages… but don’t get me started on the limited abilities of text messaging. Needless to say, it’s not the same as riding in cars together.

So while it may seem silly to them, or anyone else, I wanted to choose “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” for today’s song, but I couldn’t find the correct version I wanted, yet it still says how I feel about them. When seriously listening and considering the lyrics, it’s what true friendship is all about. And I know that they know I don’t take the word “friend” lightly. I only hope they feel the same way about me. Actually I know they do, because I know I’m more than a friend to them just as they mean more than a friend to me. And time has shown me that these people will still be around for many years to come.

So instead, I chose what may be considered a “funeral song” but didn’t start out that way. The tear-jerking “Its So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” by Boyz II Men is a song about change and moving on.

It was first heard on a movie called Cooley High and the characters had to deal with moving on after graduating. This song also forces listeners to look back on the past, the good times, the bad times, and what’s really important with those relationships to the people we would call a friend. While it’s definitely a great change in their lives, to me it feels like a part of my life has just been hit with a huge sledgehammer. Let me tell you, it doesn’t tickle. But it’s inevitable. So we must roll with the punches because it’s all for the best.

Again, this isn’t really “goodbye” but more of a “God bless” on your journey. Michelle, Felicia, Carlton, Chris and Miss Jo, there aren’t words I can find to describe what you mean to me. This blog post is an attempt, though. And if I needed to pick one: irreplaceable.

We’ll meet again soon, my friends.

(I decided to post this song anyway because it makes me cry less.)

P.S. To those who knew him, RIP Edwin.

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9 comments on “fripodding and saying goodbye
  1. Felicia says:

    Oh my god way to make me cry but we will see each other we’ll make it happen.

  2. What a fitting tribute to your friends. I remember when some of my friends moved away for college. I kept in touch with just about every single one of them — for many years.

    As for Lost… well, I never watched it — until the week before the big finale. Suddenly, I decided it was time and I plowed through the entire six seasons in about three weeks. I could not stop watching it! In fact, I recently started over from the beginning, which is not something I normally do. If I watch or read something twice, I usually have to let years go by in between. But I had to go back to the island. Best show ever! What a shame it’s over.

  3. t. sterling says:

    I knew you would like Lost! And I won’t lie, I thought of you occasionally thinking this would be a show you’d like due to the strong writing, character developments, and even the books that are referenced. Impressive you got all the way caught up in 3 weeks! I’ll be watching it again as soon as season 6 comes out. I’m excited you’re a Lostie now!

    • Caught up? I’m rewatching the entire series for the second time already. This is (seriously) the best show ever. And for exactly the reasons you guessed I would like it, especially character development. I have never seen such excellence in characters in any book, movie, or show. I admit, some of the plot lines are not believable or stray too far from reality — and they left a LOT of unanswered questions. But I absolutely love it, love it, love it. I am totally a Lostie!

      • t. sterling says:

        Well I’m sure you’ll be along with the rest of us, patiently waiting for season 6 to come out on DVD for that special feature detailing the events with Hurley and Ben. And by the way, now I think you can also understand why I say Ben is one of the best villains of all time. I mean, it’s my opinion, but Micheal Emerson is awesome. There is just so much to love about that show. Daniel Faraday and Desmond might be my favorites. I may start rewatching it before I even get the sixth season just to enjoy it. It’s your fault. And people tend to say season 3 is where it starts lacking. I agree with them.

  4. […] week I said goodbye to a handful of my friends who are moving away to start the next book in their lives. And when it […]

  5. I think season three is great, but after that, the show starts to slide. It feels like once they decided on an ending, they started letting the story drive the characters toward the ending they wanted (instead of letting the characters drive the story). Early in season four, many of them make decisions that are out of character (Hurley going with Locke instead of Jack, Sawyer going with Locke and leaving Kate, Locke murdering Naomi). Still, the show continues to be awesome, just not as awesome. My favorite characters are Sawyer and Sayid. They have the most layers and Sawyer, in particular, develops and grows as a person more than any other character. I just love it. In fact, I’m watching it now. Hehee.

    • t. sterling says:

      I said I was going to start but still haven’t yet. I’ve been catching up on other movies and looking for more characters… eventually I need to do a stream of movie reviews about all these movies I recently watched.

      But I will take a closer look of the change. I definitely think between season 4 and 5 had been some of my favorite episodes and stories. I do agree that Sawyer had really grown. I know in the end they all did. I love Sayid due to his normally calm state of being, but able to snap your neck at a moment’s notice while also playing the role of professor knowing how to fix electronics and things of that nature. But my favorite about Sawyer was his nicknames.

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