missing fripods and found links

First of all, allow me to apologize for my absence this past friDay. I didn’t have a song, or video or anything ready to talk about. It’s been quite a week for me, but a good week over all. Well, except for at the office, but I’ll make up for that on Monday. I will work on getting a double iPick for this coming friPod’s edition.

Besides not doing my office work for the week, I was busy planning my road trip to Minnesota. It’s still awkward for to say I’m going there, especially out loud to other people because their response is always “Minnesota? What the stank is in Minnesota?” Actually, quite a lot. But specifically, the Mall of America. But I’ll post more on that when I actually get closer to going.

Tomorrow is the Oscars! Woot woot!

And besides the work I wasn’t doing and the early road trip planning, I came across a few websites. One of which I hinted at last week: Christian Children’s Fund. That’s right, I’m sponsoring a little Bolivian boy! I don’t want to get in trouble with them or for exploiting children or anything like that… so I’ll hold off on his name until him and I start writing each other and I give him a proper nickname. I’m excited about this and can’t wait to befriend him as well as help him and watch him grow. I’ve been blessed and I want to bless someone else. Anyway, I did my research, the CCF has been around for many years and they (and other sources) prove the money is going towards the children’s benefit. Soon I will talk to my dad and see if he’s interested in having our church sponsor another child. I’ll let them pick, but I’ll be more than happy to set it up and write letters as well.

Another interest I’ve taken on is back to my old school computering days. I have a knack for knowing how to get around computer software and some hardware. I’d like to get better at the hardware side. What better way other than to do what I did before: teach myself. It’s mostly free and whenever I get around to some light schooling on it, I will come in with some background knowledge already which will make it easier to learn. So I’m going back to basics now that I have a junked computer to “play” with, and possibly some extra funds to invest in it. If not now, then maybe in a few months. I still need to do my writing ya know. But I enjoy taking apart and rebuilding computers. Like mechanics to cars or something.

Kitten and I discuss our dreams rather frequently. We also discuss less deep things like the contents of poop, but we already discovered a book to enlighten us on such facts. Anyway, since our dreams are another topic of discussion, we wanted to learn more about them and I stumbled across this website that talks about lucid dreaming. There’s more than likely tons of books, articles and websites on this, but you have to start somewhere. This seemed like a good place to start. I haven’t finished reading all of it yet, but it’s something I think is highly interesting. Plus, dreaming is a storyteller’s best inspiration and origin for great tales. And sometimes I really need to know how to escape out of a nightmare. I will continue my studies of dreams by looking into dream interpretations.

FML is (I think) a fairly new site. Almost like a blog, reminds me of Twitter, with everyone contributing to it. If I tell you that “ML” stands for “My Life,” you can figure out what the “F” is. A friend sent it to me asking me if I thought it was funny. To be honest, it was like a painful laugh. You’re able to separate the entries by groups like love, money, sex, work, etc… and then you can also see how others respond to someone’s entry. Do you agree that they got it bad and you feel their pain? Or did they deserve what happened to them? It’s really self explanatory when you check it out. In a way, it might make a depressed person feel a little bit better knowing that they aren’t the only one having a hard time, or someone might be going through something a bit worse. Another site that maybe helpful in that weird way is WhichIsWorse.com.

Last, is my favorite one and I had to laugh when I caught it on CNN’s website… or was it Time? Doesn’t matter. Another friend sent this to me before I even read about it later. The URL is simple and tells you exactly what you are about to see. ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com. And then, it will show you exactly why you are fat. Not only that, but several ways to cause death. Death by heart attack probably, if you ever eat any of these things that’s shown. This also has a blog format and I think a new picture adds everyday. The first time I went there, I couldn’t go more than 5 pages in one sitting. I actually began to feel sick. And I’m mostly certain that all the pictured items are indeed real. Have they actually been eaten? I can’t say. I hope not. But I know some people have a serious love for bacon and this site is proof of that. I love bacon too, but it has it’s time, place and proper portions.

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4 comments on “missing fripods and found links
  1. melinda says:

    I used to sponsor a girl in Zimbabwe through World Vision. It was so neat to watch her grow up, and to learn about the ways her life was changing. She “aged out” of the system a couple of years ago- I think she was 16 or 17, and she got married so she no longer qualified for the program.

    I still think about her and pray for her a lot. She’s somewhere in Zimbabwe, and I’m sure you’ve heard on the news about how things are not so great there right now. Makes me wonder whatever happened ot her…

    • t. sterling says:

      Well I’m starting with mine pretty young, I wanted to have an effective impression on him at a young age. Plus my Spanish is on a 1st grade level… so there’s that too.

  2. CCF Blogger says:

    On behalf of everyone here at the Christian Children’s Fund we just wanted to say thank you for your sponsorship.

    The relationship between children and their sponsors is something special and we can’t wait to see the connections you two form.

    We also wanted to let you know about our two blogs: CCF in the Field and CCF in our Communities. Feel free to follow. You can also find us on Twitter!

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