life update 2.16.08

Hello fellow Indoobians. I wanted to turn some of my recent adventures into little short stories, but these events are piling up faster than I have time to sit down and write them. And I didn’t want to neglect or forget to document them. Such things are a bit too much to let Twitter handle on it’s own.

But let’s journey briefly and chronologically, shall we?

February the 12th, I helped my friend, Unique, make cupcakes for the first time in her life. Actually, it was the second. Before I showed up, she burnt her first batch by breaking the first rule of baking that isn’t listed on any recipes but apparently needs to be: don’t leave the house. While they baked, we watched a movie about another kind of baking: Pineapple Express. Unfortunately, I had to given to my severe dislike of watching a bootleg (I don’t care of the quality is top notch, it’s still stealing and illegal). Fortunately, it’s a movie I’ve already seen legally, so I’m not too bothered by it. By the time the movie ended, the cupcakes were done and were a success. I didn’t help with the frosting, she handled that on her own without worry.

February the 13th, the so-called Unlucky Day, was actually a pretty decent and enjoyable day. Kitten and I went to see my best friend, or more appropriately, brother-from-another-mother whom I shall call Mr. Phoenix (for the time being, and with no relation to the actors) and his band Taken From Ashes (formerly known as The Final Approach) perform at a local pub. So local, I didn’t even know it was there despite my driving past it several times in any given month. An hour long set was played with about 9 or 10 songs including an awesome metallic/rockish cover of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise. This was an event I should’ve brought a camera for, so I could really show how things went down. It was undoubtedly fun, and TFA sounded great. Better than the Toad’s performance.

February the 14th, Kitten and I reclaimed it as Friendship Celebration Day. Sure it’s a corny title for those singles who don’t have anything better to do, but to those who would’ve followed our exploits that day would think we were a couple anyway. We ventured to the mall and found a belated birthday gift for my brother-in-law, went to the movies to catch Push (which I still haven’t written a review for), and later went out for pizza at a quiet pizzeria. Word to the wise for the future, local family-run places might not be as busy during such times compared to the commercial restaurants. Okay, that might not be a fact, but I was right in picking a not-so-busy place to hang out… even if that is our usual weekly not-so-busy hang out spot anyway.

Friendship Celebration Day continued as I ventured to Mr. Phoenix’s new place. He and his girlfriend (who has a sense of humor painfully similar to my own, but I won’t destroy her because of this since she’s on my good side, Mr. Phoenix’s better half and seriously enjoys cheese) treated me with nachos and chili dip as we caught up on life, talked about the performance from the night before, and watched Pan’s Labyrinth. ‘Twas a good time. For his birthday this weekend, he gets a free month of Netflix on me. Enjoy it. Now.

February the 15th, I was asked to fix a friend’s computer. He got excited that I was coming and called his friend to come over so I could fix his too. So I stopped by his house and got one computer running, but not the other. I don’t consider myself a computer expert, but I’ve been known to get by. This loss was discouraging, so I took it to the “Nerd Patrol,” as I usually do when a problem is beyond my capabilities. I don’t normally speak negative things about people, whether I know them or not… and I won’t start now. Let’s just say I don’t like the character who “helped” me very much and I must now be alert of who’s working at the desk the next time I return. Pompous pretentiousness isn’t a very good customer service trait. Actually, it’s not a good trait at all unless you are an evil villain. Hmm… looks like I met some inspiration.

It would seem like an incredibly random act for me to do this, but I signed up to sponsor a child with the Christian’s Children Fund. It’s something I actually thought about doing for a few years, but was never in a financially stable place to do so. But things are going good and I’ve since taken care or gotten rid of useless bills, so why not spend that money on something worth it? It’s legit, I checked. My passion is still charity for the arts (in schools), and Lord knows America has it’s own major problems. But the Indoob is global-people from around the world stop by. So this is me reaching back out to the world. And maybe someday I can go visit the little guy. More on this later.

I’m planning a road trip that I’m seriously (hopefully) going to take this summer. To where? The Mall of America! There was talk and plans of making plans to go last year with a few friends… but that fell through in a few different ways that’s not necessary to discuss, and needless to say, I never left. But this year, I’m making plans with whom I’d call a “doer” and not just a “talker.” I love my friends, but I need more doer friends than talkers, because I don’t want to keeping talking about it. I need to do it. And I’ll be sure to bring a camera or two to show it.

My dad (who is a doer) suggested I start writing letters to some famous doers asking for “not a hand out, but a hand up.” People like Tyler Perry, who is definitely a success story if I ever heard one, from living in his car to owning several cars (I assume). Perhaps he’d like to lend a helping hand to someone like me. I know I definitely wouldn’t mind working for him at his company. My dad also suggested contacting Will Smith’s people. Both of which have their own successful production companies. My aunt suggested Oprah. Also worth a try, and we share a birthday… that’s gotta get me some points, no? Whether I get in contact with any of them or not, this is my season for progression. And I refuse to lose my dream of doing and being something great.

So yeah… that was my weekend. I also ordered the second season of 30 Rock (shame on me for buying out of order, but it was cheaper and I still love you Tina Fey) and the Myrna Loy and William Powell Collection (more on that later). So please excuse me in a week or so whilst I laugh myself to creative, comedic and witty enlightenment with these awesome stories, actors and writers. But I’ll be sure to pre-post some posts about stuff. Maybe. Somebody hasn’t been sleeping much which affects his work during the day because he’s too busy writing… so something’s gotta give. And yes, I liked that movie.

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