script skills, activate!

Woot woot! It’s December of 2008. Why am I so excited? Not sure. However, this month I plan to devote to strictly scriptwriting… or at least to the scriptwriting process–character developments, plot developments, mapping out the stories, and most important: actually writing the script itself. For me, for some reason, that’s the most time-consuming. The nice thing about getting to the step is whenever I get into a good flow, I could probably complete a script in a matter of hours or less, depending on how long the story actually is. I know this because of my screenwriting class a few years ago, along with my own personal episodes when I’m struck with a short script to write. The only thing I’m limiting myself to is still to pre-existing material I’ve already started either on my laptop, scraps of paper, and especially ideas written in my notebook(s). Some ideas have begun festering due to inactivity and being further developed. The sooner they are finished, the sooner I can devote my notebook (and brain space) to new fresh ideas to fester… I mean develop.

(This is a picture of iSaac playing “Champion” and my notes on one of my latest works, “Champion.”)
Basically, all this month I will refrain from working on poetry (unless, of course, a wave of inspiration sweeps me into jotting lyrics to something really wonderful) and I may even be blogging less (I’m not sure how true that will actually be) but since I’m fairly new on Twitter, I’ll probably stay up to date on that via text messages from my phone. Regarding my poetic skills, I’ve been working on pieces all of November and only (secretly) published 1 of 5 written. Why? I don’t know. I will publish 2 more, as I feel the other 2 may remain “unreleased” because I know I can do better. As one of my poetry teachers once told me, sometimes we write poems that are meant just to clear our throat. Once we get the phlegm out of the way, we can clearly say what we mean, with great flow and rhythm and all that good stuff. I think it’s possible to still make those throat-clearers something worth reading. However, how they look right now, it’s not up to par with the level I’m trying to achieve. Don’t worry, you probably aren’t missing anything special if you never read what I never release.

So as this month goes on, I ask for support in this challenge. I work better if I’m pressured. Odd as it may sound, I don’t like pressure, but when I am, I’m more productive. It’s like a turbo boost to the process and progress. I like those 2 things and those eventually lead to my personal favorite kind of euphoria: results and accomplishments. So every so often this month, feel free to ask me how I’m doing? What have I completed? Am I done yet? Ya know, annoying things like that. This can be done via blog comments this month, emails (including MySpace and Facebook), text messages (for those who know me like that), instant messages (I’m on AIM), in person (if I’m caught outside of my house), and especially my new social funess Twittering. I usually respond within 24 hours to any message depending where and what I’m doing. If I take any longer, then it means that I officially hate you. I JEST! I jest…

In the meantime, enjoy my fruits of November labor.
Champion – inspired by various songs, my life and my father.
Letter to My Beloved Somebody – inspired by John Legend’s I Love, You Love
Fallen – inspired by this post by Melissa Dovovan …amongst other things.
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7 comments on “script skills, activate!
  1. Melissa Donovan says:

    Have you been to Every week, Brett posts his weekly accomplishments, goals for the following week, and gives himself a letter grade for how well he met his goals. Accountability is a great way to make the grade 😉 and I have to admit, it helped get over a few stalling points during NaNo 😉

  2. Melissa Donovan says:

    I’m back to say that I just read Fallen, and wow! The ending was chilling. I’m glad my post inspired that poem rather than me 😉 Heheh.

  3. t.sterling says:

    Thank you for the compliment. I’m sure people will read that wondering who it may be referring to… I shall let them wonder. And no, I didn’t have you personally in mind… but maybe if there’s a sequel…

    As for (Brett’s his name, right?) 6weeks, I’ve been there a couple times, I’m struggling to keep up with all the great blogs I’ve found so I think I need a blog day where I can sit down and read and comment (if applicable) to all that I read, including my own. Late Thursdays and into the weekends seem to work for me. But thank you for summing up what his blog is all about, I shall definately add it to my reader list. Congrats by the way on completing NaNo this year!

  4. Shanerology says:

    Here you’re writing this beautiful floetry and you can’t even come up with a single verse to help me swoon Jaden into a lovespell?

    I need you!

    I feel you on the scriptwriting though. I’ve already abandoned two this month, due to getting stuck on the second act. So now I’m conceiving a third for me to get stuck on, at a later date.

    We’ll keep eachother motivated though! Is twitter as great as all my pseudo-friends are telling me it is?

    Keep up the astoundingly lyrical lines of splendor.

  5. t.sterling says:

    How about a haiku for Jaden? I don’t have anything right now, but surely I can devote some of my energies towards 17 syllables. Or, to show your love and appreciation, you can buy some of the lovely things she’s selling (and anyone else reading this comment who’s curious, head on over to for more information).

    But thanks for the compliments and encouragements. I’m going to hit those blank pages in just a few moments. I’ve been told to figure out my ending first, then work to get there. It’s all easier said than done.

  6. melinda says:

    I’m jealous. Seems like I’ve been so busy working lately that I haven’t had any time to devote to my books (or rather, books-to-be). If I’m not substitute teaching, I’m working on my blogs, or trying to learn more about PHP. By the time I finish all that, it’s time to get some sleep before I wake up to do it all over again.

    I’m looking into buying a blackberry, which will hopefully help me to write “on the go”, in all those little moments throughout the day. Or at least, maybe I’ll be able to get more sleep!

  7. t.sterling says:

    I know the feeling, which is why I force myself to set time aside for these passions in my life. Easier said than done but one must be disciplined and determined… also easier said than done with so many distractions around me.

    I will almost suggest the Storm Blackberry… only because it’s a cool touch screen and my sister loves it. But if you want to use it for writing, maybe it would be better to stick with something that has a “real” keyboard.

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