fripodding and young’ns with old’ns

Unlike many popular magazines that I tend to read, there are always reviews of the latest and hottest movies or songs/albums/artists that recently hit the shelves. For both my movie reviews and these iPicks for friPodding, I pick whatever I feel is great at the time. The movie reviews are usually written about movies I’ve seen for the first time… and those are on the MySpace blog.

Today’s pick is somewhat random thanks to watching a commercial I grew to love… along with many other people across the nation. Remember that De beer’s commercial with the husband creeping out of bed in the middle of the night to retrieve a diamond necklace for his wife, and then puts it on her while she’s still asleep, but then starts to wake up, so then he quickly acts like he’s asleep but she still catches him anyway and has that look of surprise and glee? I’d embed the YouTube video… but I’m lazy. Plus I just told you what the commercial is…

However, I’m also a liar on occasion. And my teachers always tell me to “don’t tell me, show me.” Anyway, this is Cat Power singing How Do I Tell You. This is a cover of Cat Steven’s song. And as this commercial shows a happy loving event, the song itself is quite sad. No doubt it’s still a beautiful and touching song, but still a little tearful to hear about this guy who wants to tell this girl who is not around how he feels about her. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can relate. I haven’t dried over the song or over anyone, but I sure keeping it on repeat for a couple hours will make me want to sit in a dark corner and write sad poetry in the midst of my tears. Perhaps that’s how this song was written. This is a song I’d love to write/direct a retro music video. I can see a guy walking around remembering the girl he once knew, and possibly showing what may have happened to her. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have the video end on a happy note. Since, as I said, the lyrics aren’t really cheerful. Unless you end it with a happy memory. Still, it’s depressing because it’s the past and you know the dude is in misery in the present.

Regardless, it’s an awesome song. And there are times I like something soothing to just mellow out to. Like most people, I prefer a full version of Cat Power’s cover… but alas, she has yet to record it and from what I hear, doesn’t have plans to. So I made myself enjoy the original Cat Steven’s version (I listened to it over and over). Ironically enough, iSaac has Cat Power and Cat Stevens back to back (alphabetically of course) with Powers singing a cover of “Sea of Love” and Stevens singing “How Do I Tell You.” There is a lady out there (on YouTube) who recorded a cover of Cat Power’s cover of Cat Stevens… it sounds nice, but I don’t want to buy it right now.

In other news, I’d just like to say that the youth is taking over. (The youth are taking over? The youth is taking over… It’s a single group of people… making it singular… or plural… since it’s more than one… youths…) The younger generation is taking over. My friend was helping her mom write a resume. I was teaching my grandmother how to send email. My sister sets up my dad’s cell phone. These are things some would assume adults to teach the kids. (Technically, my friend, my sis and myself aren’t children… but in the elders eyes, ya know.)

I thought about this as I was assisting my mother in teaching my grandmother how to get around the Internet. She couldn’t figure out why or how people could spend all day on it. I recently set her up with her own email address so she can get in contact with her sisters, and even her daughters (one is in PA, the other VA). It was an interesting experience teaching her something that seems to come naturally to me. Not that I’ve been emailing since I came from the womb, but to have such vast knowledge of how what has become commonplace to society, and to teach others who aren’t that familiar, it’s kind of an incredible feeling. This woman who makes some of the best food, gave me some of my first acting lessons, and showed me what love for family is all about, and here I am able to give back and teach her something.

Her, my mom and I had some laughs. She was using my dad’s laptop and had to use the touch pad. Both my grandmother and mom don’t like it that much. I’m liking it more than having a mouse… well, until I get Photoshop or something. But it’s little things like clicking on the buttons or getting your cursor to where you need it to be. And I’m not teasing her or anything, it’s just that its new and it takes some getting used to.

So the younger generation is taking over and leading the way for both the older and the even youngerer generations to come. And yes, I’m hinting and linking to something bigger like politics. Let the younger guy come in with some new and fresh ideas. C’mon, you know you wanna.

Speaking of that, hopefully I’ll be registered in time. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I was still registered to vote in New York, when I was schooling at Purchase at the time. Since I don’t have plans of going back, nor did I want to take an hour to drive there, vote, and drive back… I figured to just register like a normal person. For some silly reason, I was under the impression I was already registered. I don’t know why. But hopefully I’m good to go. So then I do my civic duty, then I’ll sit in front of CNN for the rest of the night. I know I probably wouldn’t have to, but they have the best political news team. CNN and Comedy Central. Oh yes, I need my Daily and Colbert. However, I have a tough time choosing between Colbert and Leno. I need my nightly news mockings.

Moreover, never have I been so sick of hearing a simple name in the span of 24 hours. You know it… Joe the Plumber. My sweet Lord in Heaven. EVERYONE talked about it. Everyone. And some of the jokes were pretty funny, so I didn’t really mind it all that much at first. Yes, he’s now the most famous plumber in America. At least there’s a face to this guy other than Joe Six-pack who I’m still trying to figure out if he has six pack abs or six pack of beer. I’m thinking the latter. The average guy doesn’t have a six pack. …It’s actually a wish the average guy has a six pack. The average girl probably wishes that too. Anyway, I knew I was in trouble when I heard the joke that Joe the Plumber has had more interviews in one day than Palin has had since she was chosen. I heard that four times. Then the truths about Joe started coming out. He’s not licensed. He wouldn’t really be affected by such and such and blah blah… I’m losing interest talking about it now. Plus I’m feeding into what I don’t like. I’m already considering erasing what I typed. Self-loathing? Now I’m depressed. Thanks a lot Cat Stevens! I’m going to go sit in a dark corner now.

Actually, it’s lunch time so I’m going to go find nutrients. Later, I’m going to go to work. Office work. I know, I know… I have Fridays off. But I’ve been behind in my numbers the last couple weeks and I have a reputation (ahem). So I’ll sign on for a minute and finish up some unfinished business. I just got promoted! I can’t suddenly look like a slacker. Unless I finished all my work early, then and only then can I waste time playing sudoku or window shopping on Amazon.

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3 comments on “fripodding and young’ns with old’ns
  1. Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood says:

    Listening to new music is when I feel really old because I’m like, “This music is terrible!” Or I say things like, “All the music today is rehashed songs from my day, but done worse.” And the more movies I watch, the more exact lines and story plots I see are lifted from old movies and used in new movies.

    de beers commercial: Where can I find one of those men? 😉 Do any actually do something like that?

    I bought a Cat Power’s album. It was too slow and depressing. Sold it back. Had to even take it out of the loop of my iPod because it was driving me crazy.

    I could be wrong, but I would say the Youth ARE taking over because if I replaced youth, I would use THEY and not IT, so They are taking over, as opposed to It is taking over… That’s how I figure it.

  2. Melissa Donovan says:

    I used to listen to “Peace Train” on repeat when I was going through my big hippie phase as a very young adult.

    Please register to vote right now. You can do it online at You’ll print out a form then you just have to mail it in. If the deadline is looming, then take a half hour out of your life to drive over to the post office or library and get registered. Get out the vote!

  3. t.sterling says:

    @jaden, I don’t know what that says about me and my age, but I feel the same way when I hear new music. I can be really picky, yet I’ll listen to almost anything. But I feel the same way about movie plots which drives me to be as creative and original as possible… unfortunately I haven’t seen every movie so I’m bound to create something similar to what’s already made.

    And I’d like to think I’m one of those kinds of guys.

    I previewed a lot of Cat Power’s songs… but nothing was really reaching me, so I don’t blame you for returning it.

    Thanks for clearing up my grammar, that makes sense.

    @melissa, I’ve never heard “Peace Train” but if it’s anything like “Love Train” I may dig it.

    I sent my registration in last week. I’m going to call tomorrow to make sure. So no worries.

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