if you haven’t know-ticed…

See that? What I did there with the title? Word play. I love it!

I couldn’t wait until Friday so I decided to just post about it now that I did a wee bit of redesigning to my blog. Notice the sidebar (if you are actually looking at the actual page and not reading from a RSS or emailed directly to you, you don’t see any change whatsoever and you must immediately check it out… by the way, I love you people who are using the RSS or emailing system, I love you dearly from the basements of my heart.)

Now as I discuss what’s on the sidebar, I’m going to go in the order of they are presented as of right now. First, there’s the chance to be apart of the Workforce. Or be an Indoober, if you will. I don’t really want to use that term, it reminds me of Goober and it makes me think of The Andy Griffith Show. Not a show I really want to be compared with. The pace of that show… How about Indoobians? I like that one. Be an Indoobian in the Workforce and click to be a follower.

Next is the subscribe buttons so you can read my posts and comments via a reader. I have subscribed to a bunch of other blogs this way, although I tend to go directly to their page. I actually forget I have a Google and Yahoo RSS readers.

My Blog List is sort’ve defines itself. They are my favorite blogs I like reading. And there’s a nifty feature that displays the first few lines of said post. So I’m warned what I’m about to get into. I also know when there’s a new post. Again, I tend to forget I have RSS programs to tell me that. I’m still a little new with the RSS thing.

I have two polls on my blog right now. Both are serious questions about non-serious things, but I’m curious to know what you, the reader, think, because I care. I want your vote! I apologize, I almost went into a political mode. With all these politicos going on, I can’t help but to do the confused doggy head tilt when news networks unveil the latest poll saying who’s up and by how many points. Why? For one thing, the numbers aren’t always the same when you change the channels. Perhaps they’re close… but really… who can you believe? The other reason I try to ignore polls is because I know the technique in how some sources get their answers. WORD PLAY. It’s all in the wording of the questions pollsters might ask to get a desired response. Is this the truth all the time? No. Fortunately, lately, they’ve been asking different questions like “What VP has the best hair?” And the majority says Palin with the next answer being “undecided.” Lastly, the other reason I’m so-so on the polls is I don’t know who they are asking. Again, sometimes they’ll tell you “This survey was conducted on our website” but sometimes, they just throw the numbers out there to watch you react. The main numbers I’m concerned about are the actual votes on Election Day.

I digress. That has nothing to do with my polls. I’m asking questions about Christmas shopping and Seinfeld.

The live traffic feed is something I kinda stole from my friend Jaden over at Screenwriting for Hollywood. First of all, that’s a great place for movie information, especially from a screenwriting point of view. And as a young scribe, I can learn a lot from someone who has been in the business and has experience to guide both beginners and professionals alike. I forgot what I was talking about… oh yes, the live traffic feed. There’s a nifty little map on the sidebar that shows all the hits from all over the world of visitors to this site. I wanted one too. I know I only get maybe two hits a week, but still, those two hits matter to me. So it wouldn’t be exact copying, I decided to choose the option of showing me the flag and where my visitor came from. There are more little things to click on to show you a big map, how long ago they visited, where they clicked from, stuff like that.

The next one is “What’s iSaac Doing?” It’s all in caps, so I broke it down for you… iSaac is my iPod. 95% of the time, iSaac is wherever I am. Maybe 55% of the time, iSaac is playing something. How these little feature thing works, I have to have iTunes on and running in order for my little gadget to say what iSaac is currently playing, even though iSaac might not be playing anything at all. The POINT is that this shows what iSaac could be playing. Plus, I leave my laptop on all the time. So I decided to let iTunes run all the time so it’ll look like there’s always some music playing on my blog. Obviously you as a reader can’t hear it… that costs money. Someday… The Indoob Workforce Radio with iSaac and DJ sterling silver. And yes, that show would be awesome.

Ya know what else would be awesome? If the official Black American Flag looked like this:

That has nothing to do with my sidebar. I just remember seeing it in a music video and recently in the latest VIBE magazine. I’m really pro-diversity and love for the mixing and mingling of all races and backgrounds… but we all have backgrounds and this flag looks pretty cool to say “Hey, I’m a Black American.” Political correctness would have me say African American, but what does that say about Jamaicans and Haitians? Or even black folk in England? Huh? HUH? Just curious. Plus I can say yes if Eddie Izzard asks if I have a flag (watch Dressed to Kill).

The next three parts of my sidebar have been there since I started the blog. My Behance badge, which features my profile and a quick way to read my poetry or any other works. It’s a great way for artistic and creative people to get together with one another. MySpace wishes they had it like this. Evidently, this is how I found Melissa’s Writing Forward. The next is my “Bio” which I may actually add a bit more to later. But the sentence sums me and this blog up… in a sentence. Heh… Then its the acrive so you can trace me back to the beginning of the blog. Woot!

Unrelated–my last post was about poverty and a charity I like is ONE.org. Check them out, they are doing great things that doesn’t get media attention… except their own commercials. Anyway, I forgot to mention another great cause– FreeRice.com! It’s fun, educational and helpful! “Fun and education? I don’t believe it!” Believe it sir or ma’am or thing. It started out with a fun word game that everytime you picked the right synonym, they’d donate 20 grains of rice. Then you work your way up the levels. Obviously the higher you go, the harder the words. Words you never hear unless you have a pompous college professor who speaks over your head anyway. I actually cheated from level 30 to level 36 before I switched subjects. There’s chemistry (I skipped that), Spanish and other languages, math, and grammar. Math is the easiest with the multiplication… and it’s the fastest way to rack up rice points. The 20 grains add up. And I did my bit of charity today by playing the game for an hour. You know how much rice I raised? 10,000 grains. No, it wasn’t easy. But I fed a couple wee children. I may have missed out on an hour of work… but one of our systems was down anyway. I say all that to say this: go there. Feel stupid for not knowing words nobody important knows anyway all for a good cause! Special shout out to Kathy who told me about it first.

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this part: The moon pic of the day. I have a thing for the moon. I’m a nocturnal creature. I don’t howl at it (anymore) but I do love to stare up at it. Sometime write poetry in it’s majestic bluish light. It’s nice. I like it. The pics? They’re okay. I just wanted to try something new. Furthermore, if you scroll down (or just hit “End” on your keyboard), you’ll see “Woot! Watcher.” It won’t take you long to figure out why I have this on my blog. If you’ve read most of my posts, you would know why. If you don’t, just read the previous paragraph and you’ll find one of my catchphrases. The things featured in the section are sometimes woot-worthy by my standards. But really, I don’t care. I check it once in a while. Right now there’s a Dyson vacuum. I like their commercials but you have to be outside your mind if you think I’ll pay over $300 for a vacuum. Actually it might be $600. I can’t remember. It’s been that long since I’ve worked for the Mart, and yes, they would sell them. Somehow.

These are my updates, so now you know. Follow, subscribe, read my friends, vote, vote again, stalk, read what I hear, read stuff I do, read about me, read what my past, and howl at the moon. Woot!

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3 comments on “if you haven’t know-ticed…
  1. Melissa Donovan says:

    I have a thing for the moon too 😉 Your new sidebar looks pretty awesome, and it kept me busy for awhile today. Lots of fun stuff to explore!

  2. Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood says:

    Your traffic feed is really interesting how it shows you the source of your traffic. That’s helpful. Yeah, I love seeing my visitors, seeing that people from around the world are finding something they like. It’s really cool.

    I love that you named your iPod. Mine seems to have a mind of its own, playing sad songs on a sad day, or happy upbeat songs while I am getting ready, the thing is pretty psychic and in tune with my spirit when it is on shuffle.

    We can use your Black n White flag for your spotlight month at SfH.

    Cool stuff on the sidebar. I cast my votes, which has a weight of 50%! It should always be like that. 😉

  3. t.sterling says:

    @melissa and jaden, I thank you both for voting.

    The sidebar is a testing ground for interesting gadgets I may employ on other website I may build later on. But the traffic feed is the most helpful, serving as both a counter and a tracker.

    I’m excited to see the flag again, I’ll stay on the hunt to find the one I saw on TV, but that one works fine.

    My iPod hasn’t connected with me like that 😦 …I don’t put it on shuffle enough.

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