running out of time… and days off

I’m almost at the finish line of this script that I’ve been talking about for… a month to a year I suppose. Honestly, this was a script I never thought I’d be writing until years from now. Why? It’s one of those projects I didn’t want to attempt until I was well established and somewhat known and trusted to get the financing to handle it. But the other thing I keep forgetting is I can always write it now and save it for later. I must remember what my screenwriting teacher at Middlesex taught me. “All of the leading ladies can’t be hot latin women!” Wait, no, she didn’t say that. Build up a portfolio, then worry about selling and production stuff like that later. And to get an agent after. Which means I should go back to my other plan of writing scripts strictly for selling. Wow, strict scripts is as hard to type as it is to say out loud. I’m going to blame the pizza.

I tried a new pizza place that was recommended to me today. They already won points by getting here in 20mins. I feel bad I gave them a lousy tip. When I order from them again, I’ll make up for it. I’ll give them a Hallmark card that says “Thank you.”

Anyway, I received Our Uncle Sam yesterday from author Erik Greene, who is the great nephew of Sam Cooke. I was already hooked by the beginning. It’s exactly what I was looking for to help with my script. I’m going to see how quickly I can read it. But I want to finish one thing at a time, of course. Which means the pizza is first on my plate… literally. Well, if I was eating from a plate. I normally just take the box and run.

I also managed to watch a slew of movies, which I’ve reviewed all on my Myspace blog. Movies recently reviewed? 21, Park, College Road Trip, Penelope, and Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. I will probably continue this movie span in the next few days. This helps in my writing process in so many ways. “How to make a movie that doesn’t suck.” Speaking of movies that will probably go down in flames, isn’t Disaster Movie‘s title really just punctuate the movie itself? I’ve seen enough trailers that have me convinced I want to cry if I had to pay to see this movie.

Someone is drumming very badly next door. They really should stop or I might sneak in their house and fill their drums with cement.

Speaking of which, I still haven’t received word from Dr. Bob… So I may once again hold off until NEXT week, possibly Friday, to get Sam (the car) out of the hospital. So this weekend, I may finally get a wee retreat. I need to spend time away from this house. I’m thinking back to Candlewood Suites. It’s nice there. Plus I never really got to sleep in the bed since I only stayed for one night and practically sat at the desk the whole time I was there. I only slept for 2 hours there. I melted into the mattress before I had to peel myself out when the cleaning lady came a’knockin. So yeah, $300 should cover a couple nights wherever I choose to go for a couple nights.

Methinks I need a nap now. Which some would see as odd since I didn’t do anything today. On the contrary, last night I typed out Bible study questions for my dad. About 7 chapters, all in one sitting. Oh, my poor fingers. I wanted to detach them and sit them in some cooling waters, then hang them to dry. But sleeping for about 7 hours worked too. All I want now is just 15 mins of a nap. Or more. We have to sing tonight in Middletown at some service that I think is outside… It might not be… I’m not sure. But I need to rest. So rest I shall. And drink plenty of fluids. And don’t call me in the morning.

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2 comments on “running out of time… and days off
  1. Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood says:

    Great job with your script!
    Mmmm pizza. I just made the worst homemade pizza from scratch — I felt so sick — definitely took much longer to make it than to order from Dominio’s.

  2. t.sterling says:

    We learn from these mistakes–to never go about self made pizza without a guide. But good job nonetheless for trying. I’ve only used pieces of bread and bagels to make my homemade pizza. Or DiGiorno, if you don’t want delivery that is. They actually are pretty good. Pizza Hut reigns king in my eyes and tummy.

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