I’m considering taking tomorrow off due to the lack of work, or more accurately, my ability to do the work I need to do. There’s no way in Hell, Michigan I’m going to make the numbers I need by the end of this week. In fact, this entire month is going to go below my usual numbers. Oh well, it happens to the best of us once in a while, right? I’ll get over it. September will be a new month. Back to basics. (Ha! Someone thought I was about to say “back to school!” Face!)

My day today has been so-so. I slept with my window open, inviting a cool breeze that helped put my body in a such a deep sleep that I slept through both of my alarms. By “both alarms” I mean 2 separate alarming devices that went off at least 3 times each. My mom called me around 9 asking if I was going to work. Yes, it’s possible to be late when you are working from home. I threw some clothes on and headed to the office–a whole hallway and flight of stairs away.

Later my grandmother surprised me with lunch, brought to you by McDonald’s. I love my grandmother dearly, but I didn’t have the heart to tell her I don’t eat McDonald’s. Before any anti-Mickey D people get too excited, let me explain WHY I don’t eat their food. It’s not because they are all over the world and #1 or maybe have shady dealings or make false claims about having the best fries or the chicken is make-believe or they have a weak breakfast menu. No, it’s none of that. And I’m not ashamed of admitting I’m a corporate or brand name whore. I’d name a child Sony if I could get away with it. I also like the names Phoenix and Nefertiti, but again, that’s something to discuss with the mother* who at this point is non-existent. (*Applications are in the main office by the door. Attach a photo and brief discription and wait about a week for a response.) I dislike McDonald’s because after consumption, my tummy starts to hate me and wreaks havoc on the rest of my body causing me to growl and scowl involuntarily, sometimes frightening small nearby children in the process. If only I could get the words “Don’t eat McDonald’s” I might save them from the same fate. They won’t think those Happy Meals are so jolly anymore. Well, I can tolerate the apple pies. But I won’t give in to too much of their food unless I don’t have any other choice and there wasn’t a field of fresh grass to nibble on until I could get to a Taco Bell or KFC, which is a step above McD. I don’t eat too much fast food, but when I do, I’m on the picky side.

I like the French. They have given great things such as croissants, Love Me If You Dare, Amelie and Paris, je t’aime, the city of Paris (for which the film is named after), Daft Punk and what I used to think was Napoleon ice cream… But I was confusing the French ruler(s) with Italian desserts. BIG difference. That has nothing to do with anything I was doing today other than listening to Daft Punk and wondering if French toast is really from France… And it isn’t. At one point it was called German toast. Then French. I never heard “Freedom toast” back when they had “Freedom fries.” Anyway, look it up on Wikipedia. ‘Tis quite interesting.

Lastly, I’m going to post a video of a past performance of which I rarely ever watch due to that queazy feeling I get from watching myself on screen. You are your own worst critic, as they say… I’m no exception to myself. But this is me singing “A Change is Gonna Come” for the first time in public, back in 2007, January 27th… which was 2 days before my birthday as I celebrated by throwing a poetry party/show at my church. My sister is introducing me as the host/emcee of the evening, as well as the featured poet later that night. And my fam and I all dressed alike–black and jeans. Anyway, I would need to perform this again so I can feel better about myself knowing there is a better performance of this song with my name attached. I dunno when that will be… I do like my hair at this time though…

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3 comments on “mcdonalds
  1. Melissa Donovan says:

    You are ADORABLE! When are you gonna try out for American Idol, huh? I noticed a point where it seemed like you settled in to your performance, and warmed up. Awesome!

  2. t.sterling says:

    Thank you Melissa. I don’t think I’d go on that show anytime soon. I’d rather be a commentator or something… I don’t do well with reality tv. Anyway, I did calm down a bit, like I normally do, after I relax and feel the audience’s energy. It’s a surreal feeling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, T Sterling Watson cannot only qm files like there's no tomorrow, but he can sing, and sing quite well! And without a single instrutment. I didn't know such hidden talent used to be sitting in the cubical within those 4 walls in Middletown! Thank you for sharing your writings & voice with us. Look forward to more stories and songs! (we need spell check on your blog) good nite! Mare

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