the emmy nominations of 2011

It’s that time again. I don’t think I cared much for the Emmys a few years ago, but I’ve managed to start watching more TV as I get older and more immersed in the entertainment world where now I can’t help it. In fact, I’m reminded that for a lot of entertainment reporters and personalities and the like, it’s part of their job to watch TV almost all the time. It might seem sarcastic in tone, but that’s hard work… seriously. I have so many hours of television backed up on DVR that it terrifies me to even think about sitting around all day watching it all. Okay, I’ll admit, a good maybe 50% of the disc space is Craig Ferguson and Conan, but still… that’s a lot of TV to get through. Congrats to Conan for his nod by the way. Team Coco FTW.

Today I want to talk more about the snubs than those who were nominated. I went around to my usual entertainment haunts to see who said what about who was left out. I admittedly glossed over several names or TV shows I don’t watch let alone care about and wanted to see if anyone mentioned two Australians on a little show called Fringe. Commence rant, starting now.

What. The. Stank. I don’t understand why or how it’s possible to overlook the awesomeness that took place in this past season of Fringe. I mean, the stories and just the overall arc was incredible. And I know a handful of my Twitter buddies can agree with me that this is one of the most creative and mind bending shows on the air (R.I.P. LOST). Okay, I’ll go as far as to say it officially filled my void. But in order for great stories you need great writers. Check. And for the words to lead and fly and explode and dazzle, you need dynamite actors. Check. Anna Torv played 3 characters! Am I getting that correct? (Hopefully some of you nodded yes).

Let me back up for those who aren’t avid watchers of the show: this past season dealt with a parallel universe… which means you have two of just about every character, except Joshua Jackson’s Peter, whom died at 7 years old. The story goes deeper than that and is the reason why what’s happening in the show is happening. I suggest catching up now so you can experience the blow to the mind grapes cliffhanger of season 3. Anyway, not only did Anna Torv (and the majority of the cast) play an alternate version of themselves (quite excellently too, kudos to the entire cast), but she also channeled Leonard Nimoy, or William Bell. Brilliance! I mean, some people do impersonations, but she nailed it. For a couple episodes! Plus her main character Olivia had to deal with her alternate jacking up her life “over here” while she escaped from “over there” and it was just crazy! And no nomination?! REALLY??!!

John Noble. John Effing Noble. What does he need to do to get an Emmy? Walter is already a crazy yet lovable character and his arc is just genius in itself. Again, he’s playing double duty, and I ready he played 3 characters too? By my count, and maybe this is stretching it a bit, but I’d say he played 4. parallel Walters, and then past parallel Walters. No? Yes? Regardless, the range this one man has for playing all of these parts is incredible. While I’m entranced by the show, I believed at one point these were two separate actors. Not only that, by Walter almost made me want to cry. Again, it helps if you know the whole story, so I’ll sum it up as quickly as possible… Our Walter’s Peter died at a young age, so he found a way to go to “over there” to get the alternate Peter. He did it because that Peter was suffering from the same illness and he wanted to cure him. After doing so, he didn’t want to bring him back because he missed his Peter so much (I think he also couldn’t find his way back) so he kept him… which brought Walternate (Walter from “Over There” as he’s called on the show) to wage war on our side in present time. Walter eventually realized that he would have to let Peter go. There’s a scene close to the end of the season where he’s praying and pleading to God for an answer. It’s one of the many touching scenes Noble has done on the show and you really feel his pain.

He’s a reason to watch the show. Once you meet him, you learn how funny and silly he is, but at the same time, how brilliant and caring he is.

Rant complete.

Other snubs I was sad to see (and consider this snubs for the actors and actresses on the show, not just the show itself):

No love for Community… this has happened every year, hasn’t it? I really like the show but it seems the Emmys don’t.

No Cougar Town love. A show I at first despised without ever watching it because the title is so misleading. Seriously, this show is hilarious.

And I think my last one was HIMYM, specifically NPH. That guy’s awesome.

Anyway, here’s a list of other snubs in nice slideshow format, some in which I mentioned and maybe screwed up a little (Anna Torv played 4 parts?). And just for my co-host and buddy Mike D, although I’m sure he already knows, there’s no nods for Breaking Bad since apparently they didn’t air during this Emmy season or something like that. And apparently not much love for True Blood which I felt had a lot more nods last year? I can’t remember anything anymore.

However, I have nothing but love and happiness and overjoyed that Modern Family is the top dog this year. If anyone wins from the cast, they all win. And that’s saying something for the whole cast to be nominated. But I would rather save my picks for another post. In the meantime, tell me who you feel has been snubbed.

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