what i’ll be watching this fall 2011

Apparently I have a habit of endorsing shows that end up getting cancelled. This happened with FlashForward and most recently with The Event. Not that it was my fault, but their concepts and pilot episodes were alluring enough that it caught my interest and hopes for a bona fide hit. But I think a lesson is to be learned from shows like these that you better have more hooks involved to keep me and the rest of the audience captivated to stick around all season, or at least long enough to get renewed. Those “hooks” I speak of are character development and not being boring.

The other issue here is the search for a replacement for LOST. There are a few contenders coming this year, but I think what we, or at least I am looking for, is storytelling that’s captivating and interesting. A few of the shows won’t air until midseason, so I may do another post then. One such show is called Awake, which has an Inception-esque vibe, all about a man who survives a tragic car accident and can’t tell if he’s awake or dreaming while essentially living two different lives. But more on that later. Let’s talk about this season…

First of all, let me say that I’ll probably be DVRing most of these shows. I plan on having a life away from television unless I actually get paid to do it. So don’t think I’m going to live my life based on what’s on TV, and neither should you, so get out there and live!


  • 8 PM – How I Met Your Mother or Terra Nova
  • 8.5 PM – 2 Broke Girls 
  • 10 PM – Hawaii Five-O or The Playboy Club

I’m already a fan of HIMYM, so I will be DVRing that and giving Terra Nova a try which has been hyped about for the past year, maybe two? For the sake of cost of production this must have taken, I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I’m not really that interested in this show, I’m just curious. I’m also curious about 2 Broke Girls only as a possible filler. Will it last? Too early for me to make a bet. I’ve been watching Hawaii Five-O but I’ll give The Playboy Club a shot just for newness sake. I don’t have high hopes for that show. Castle has been recommended to me, but I haven’t started watching it and want to start from the beginning.


  • 8 PM – Last Man Standing
  • 8.5 PM – Man Up
  • 9 PM – New Girl
  • 10 PM – Unforgettable

Tim Allen is back with a new sitcom… I saw the trailer and the preview, and it just doesn’t quite feel right. I’m so used to Home Improvement that I’m wondering if he might have the Kelsey Grammer effect. The few clips I saw of Last Man Standing just didn’t have me interested, but I’ll give it a shot before I make my mind up about it. The show after it looks more appealing. Man Up I think has to do with a group of men having to “man up” since a new buff looking man moves in. I don’t know, but it looks humorous. Oh, and I forgot, I’m getting annoyed by these sitcoms with laugh tracks. I know most of us grew up watching them, but I can really do without it now. Man Up doesn’t have one, and neither does this show I’m really interested in seeing: New Girl starring Zooesy Dechanel. I’ve got a bit of a crush on her. And this show looks hilarious. They will have to recast Damon Wayans, Jr though, but that’s okay. If I’m home, I’d tune in to watch this show live. I watched a couple episodes of Raising Hope. I have nothing against it. Maybe I’ll watch it this season. And lastly, I’ll check out Unforgettable. I like the idea of this woman who remembers everything solving crimes. It does remind me of Psych, but a serious version. Will it last? 50/50… It’s on CBS which is like cop show central.


  • 8 PM – Up All Night
  • 8.5 PM – Suburgatory
  • 9 PM – Modern Family
  • 9.5 PM – Happy Endings
  • 10 PM – DVR – Harry’s Law

Up All Night is another new comedy from Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. I found myself chuckling at the trailer, it could work out for this show. And hopefully this won’t be another streak for Will. Suburgatory, according to the trailer, looks like it takes place in my backyard, so that’s part of the allure. I also like Cheryl Hines. This looks to be entertaining, but we shall find out this fall. Modern Family, need I explain? If you don’t watch this show, you really should. And I do try to be home to see this live. Happy Endings I had my doubts, but I actually like this show a lot. I usually like Cougar Town to follow, but I heard they will be on a different night. And since there isn’t anything worth watching at 10, I will watch DVR’d Harry’s Law, fortunately back for a second season.


  • 8 PM – Charlie’s Angels
  • 8 PM – Community and Parks & Rec
  • 9 PM – Person of Interest
  • 9 PM – The Office and Whitney
  • 10 PM – Prime Suspect

Thursdays have always been busy for my DVR, seems things won’t change this season either. That is, unless, I have a change of heart on a few shows. Starting with Charlie’s Angels which may or may not suck. But I’ll DVR Community and Parks and Rec to watch later, or vice versa. I know I’ll be entertained by those shows and have no problem watching them later. What I’m really interested in is JJ Abrams produced Person of Interest, starring Ben Linus himself, Michael Emerson… still being mysterious and working behind the scenes and making things happen in his semi-creepy way. DVR will record The Office and whatever new manager will be running the joint, followed by new show Whitney. I don’t know who she is other than some comedienne I’ve never heard of. She also produces 2 Broke Girls. I have a feeling one of her shows isn’t going to make it. I don’t want to guess which one yet. Last is Prime Suspect. I don’t care for too many cop shows, I’m just going to check this one out of curiosity.


  • 9 PM – Fringe

That was easy. Or I wish it was. And it can be… There are actually three shows on at the same time I want to see. Fringe is an absolute must, and I prefer to watch it live. The other show I’ve grown accustomed to is one of the few reality TV shows I like: Shark Tank. But I can catch it on Hulu if necessary. The new show I would like to see is Grimm. I hear other people saying the show looks like garbage. If it’s true, then maybe it won’t last long and it’ll free up my DVR. But I’m willing to give it a chance. It looks like fun. It’s a modern day and dark twist on the fairy tales you grew up. The big bad wold if really a bad werewolf, for example. Perhaps this might be that show to fill my Heroes void?


Nothing worth mentioning. Like last year, I declare this DVR catch-up day. So if I’m out every night, Saturday I stay in to watch TV all day long.


I rarely watch TV on Sundays, sometimes I’m not home at all, so I’ll just say the shows that look interesting. Once Upon a Time, another show taking on fairy tales and from a couple LOST writers. Allen Gregory, from the mind and voice of Jonah Hill about a little kid who is way older than his age suggests. Pan Am, I think I’m interested because of Christina Ricci, but it also just looks interesting even though I’m not a fan of soap operas. I’ll give it a shot.

There are a few shows that will be coming later, like Alcatraz, Apartment 23, Awake and Napoleon Dynamite that will be airing later in the season. I’ll discuss those when they are on the schedule.

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2 comments on “what i’ll be watching this fall 2011
  1. Wow, your watch list is immense! I’ve got five new shows on my radar: Awake, Alcatraz, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, and Terra Nova. I’m surprised you’re not too interested in Terra Nova. J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof are Speilberg progeny. LOST definitely has the spirit of early Spielberg films (like E.T.). LOST itself seems to have had a major influence on this coming fall season: LOST official mourning period is over. I probably won’t tune in for any of the sitcoms but I’ll definitely be tweeting through the sci-fi and fantasy shows starting in September. Oh, and I cannot wait to see the movies Super 8 (an Abrams/Spielberg collaboration) and the Star Trek sequel (screenplay by Lindelof). Wow, I think I’ve officially reached full geekdom. And to think, six years ago I hadn’t even heard of LOST and was in awe of my coworkers who dressed up in costume for Star Wars conventions.

    You’d never know I barely watched television at all before Heroes. Heh.

    • t. sterling says:

      I’ll probably check out Terra Nova because of the hype… and that’s almost why I’m not interested because of how much they’ve been talking about it and how it was supposed to premiere last year. Also, the dinosaur thing through me off. Wasn’t a big fan of Jurassic Park 😛 BUT, I’m going to give the show a chance, and if I like it, I’ll stick around. But like you, I’m looking for a good story and I definitely agree that there is some LOST speckled in each of those shows. Oh yeah, and THE RIVER, which is a midseason show, I’m interested in too. I think I’ve been watching more tv since Heroes as well

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