where were you when history happened?

We live in an interesting time where we can witness history in the making in so many ways… from TV, to the internet and everywhere in between. My elders spoke of a time when everyone had an answer to “Where were you when JFK was killed?” My generation asks “Where were you when 9/11 happened?” And tonight, there’s a part 2 to that question, and the end of a chapter.

I’m trying to wrap my head around the news that the infamous Osama bin Laden, who terrorized America and several other countries over the past few decades, has finally been killed. President Obama did what he said he would do, and bring justice to those affected by the 9/11 tragedy… which I would expect would be all of America, but I actually knew a few people who… well… that’s another story. But the fact that this is a very big accomplished mission is something Americans can take pride in. Especially the military that followed through with this task.

And overall, I’m happy. I’m proud. I’m feeling patriotic again. I haven’t been feeling a lot of that lately when I watch the news and see what’s happening around me. Don’t get me wrong, I love America. It’s just that personally, I take many American freedoms we have for granted. Like this blog, for example, and my right to say whatever I want on it.

And that’s what I like to focus on to keep me thinking positively and optimistically… The freedoms we have in this country that so many brave men and women, many of which I know personally, fought and continue to fight for.

Meanwhile, the skeptic in me, and in many, many others, can’t help but think something sinister is going on amidst this whole operation. A diversion? A cover-up? A re-election tactic? Perhaps it’s our own doubts and/or paranoia we all have, especially having been duped time and time again. Or maybe that we’ve been on guard, questioning everything since 9/11 happened and learning that we’re all vulnerable, all of the time. Trust is a very difficult thing to gain from anyone, especially from authorities, politicians and governments.

So while this particular post might seem like a rambling stream of thoughts, it’s only reflecting what’s going on in my mind as I actually attempt to unwind from a very long weekend and my week of finals starting tomorrow. I want to make jokes but I also want to be serious. I want to celebrate but I also want to speculate.

I think what some people are worried about, is the government is conning us via Kansas City Shuffle. I realize by saying this, I’m only helping those conspiracy theorists a bit. I know there’s a lot of corruption and secrecy and Big Brother-esque things going on, but I don’t think there are as many as some people think. I’ll talk about that some other time.

I posted a tweet earlier tonight saying that now all of this has taken place, what happens next? Who’s America’s next bad guy? Or, what goal should we focus on now? Will it take 10 years to do it? I certainly hope not, whatever that goal shall be. I have no problem with the celebrations going on as I type this. I’m watching New Yorks dance in the streets with American flags.

And all of this will continue to go on for a portion of the week, if only just for one or two days, but let’s not celebrate for too long. Or better yet, let’s not forget there’s still work to be done. The sad truth is there will always be terror and terrorists. We’ve been programmed to think in fear, unfortunately, when in reality, we were never truly safe to begin with. We were just comfortable and probably a bit arrogant. But we are reminded daily that human life is fragile.

And that’s what leads me to my point about other things we need to focus on after the celebrations. Wild weather is tearing apart the southern states. Gas prices are out of control. Lots of people are still looking for work. And I don’t know what it’s going to take, but our schools are in dire need of assistance. This list can go on and on, but if we can cross these problems off that list, then by all means, let the celebrations continue.

It’s getting late in the night, and I got a good chunk of my initial thoughts “on paper” so at least I can sleep better.

To those dancing in the streets, a part of me wishes to join you in the festivities. I’m feeling a similar feeling when Obama won the presidency. I’m not trying to let him be the focus of this post either, but I do admire the guy and what he’s trying to do. I have an idea how governments are supposed to work, and if everyone isn’t on the same page, then your plans and policies aren’t going to be carried out. But, I don’t feel like getting into politics either tonight, and I wrote way more than I intended to. My complex emotions needed to be explained… and that’s why I’m grateful for having a blog in which to do so, and the freedom to use it.

Thank you for your time, and good night.

(For a shorter and more concise version of my thought’s, check out my friend Melinda’s blog).

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