“the social network” film review

As I walked out of the theater, I asked myself how I was going to start this review. I try to avoid reading any reviews because I don’t like to get hyped up for something just to be let down. Well, this is one I can tell you to believe the hype. This might be one of the most culturally relevant and significant films of the year if not the decade.

Once this movie’s story starts, it doesn’t stop. It may slow down here and there for dramatic effect, but between the action, the music, the directing, the editing and of course the writing… this doesn’t feel dry or boring at all. And from a critic’s point of view, I kinda forgot to even look at these points because I was so wrapped up in the story. And we all know the story, or at least we think we know the story of how Facebook became what it is today.

I’m not really going to give you a summary… I don’t think I really ever do anyway, but you know the main player: Mark Zuckerberg, played excellently by Jesse Eisenberg. I kinda wonder if these guys will one day shake hands, and if that does happen, will the universe explode? I haven’t seen or heard enough of the real Mark to know if that’s how he really talks, but the looks are dead on. But if Mark really talks like Jesse portrays him, then you better listen close. The dialogue reminded me of the rapid fire speeches of His Girl Friday. (And if I’m talking to a young generation who has only seen one or two black + white movies, make that film your third.)

The acting is awesome across the board. I know I said I didn’t like to read reviews before movies, but I did read Oscar buzz about a few of these actors, and I would give a thumbs up for any of them. Even Mr. Sexyback himself, Justin Timberlake, who I feel is an underrated actor. But I applaud his performance as a reckless risk-taker who “helps” Mark further his business. Marks only friend and business parter, Eduardo, is played brilliantly by a Andrew Garfield. I’m not familiar with his work, but he is definitely getting buzz for this role.

I mentioned the music. It’s by Trent Reznor, who is Nine Inch Nails for those not familiar with his name. He is also a one-man-band and quite an impressive score for this movie.

The director, big time guy… Fight Club, Se7en, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button… David Fincher. If you don’t know his name, you should, and now you do. Although I wasn’t crazy about Button, that doesn’t make him any less of a great director and this film can be added to the list.

And last but quite important: Aaron Sorkin, screenplay. Actually an adapted screenplay from the book The Accidental Millionaire, but credit goes to Mr. Sorkin for the perfect dialogue. I don’t know another other way to describe it. If felt natural yet witty. When I said that this story moved, I meant that the pace of the film kept going swiftly. When people spoke, it was something important. And if it wasn’t that important, well, it was for pure entertainment to better enhance what was going on and it made it feel real.

Overall, this is a film that will undoubtably be nominated for something and should definitely win something. The Globes, the Oscars, even something from MTV. Not only is this movie that awards love, but it’s really good entertainment! By the end of the movie, I was left wondering if this Mark guy really a bad guy. Should I pity him? I mean, what would you do in his situation? And he’s a very smart man. He gave you the blunt truth even if he didn’t really want to. So throughout the whole movie, I wasn’t sure if I was really on his side. And I leave this debate with my storytelling, literary, writing friends… hero? Villain? Anti-hero? Protagonist? Where does a character like him fit in? Or does he at all?

Lastly, because I know this is a question some people will have… is this worth seeing in theaters? To be completely honest, I would say it’s up to you. It’s definitely a movie that should be seen whether you wait until DVD or rush out and see it today. If you use Facebook regularly, I’d say you should go see this in theaters. But it’s not like an Avatar or Inception kind of a movie. But it’s also just a very interesting story with stellar writing and awesome acting. I feel like this is one of those important movies that captures a part of our society. Compared to other films like this, based on actual events in our society… social networking is still growing and evolving.

There’s probably more I can say, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll get a feel for other’s reactions before I come back with more of a reflection.

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2 comments on ““the social network” film review
  1. Shariff says:

    It is hard to talk about this movie without starting my own review…which would be 15 minutes of compliments, glowing gushing compliments…It was really that good for me. So just a few notes

    -The dialouge was so tight I could have enjoyed this as a radioplay.

    -Timberlake should be NOMINATED for an Oscar… the last scene on the phone watch his facial expression. Watch his eyes go dim as it finally hits him (without spoiler or giving to much away) that the rules he used against Eduardo apply to him. Mark is about his business. It is very subtle, very deliberate performance that invites overacting and he resisted that urge .

    -Eisenberg deserves a NOMINATION if not the Oscar as well. To nail that dialouge at that pace, the mannerisms, the confidence. Not easy. I doubt he will get it but I think he deserves it.

    -The writing served up by Aaron Sorkin shows why he is the master of three person or more dialouge (the Larry Summer Scene MASTERFUL)…I am kind of sad I missed the years of The West Wing when he brought that excellence to TV (before he lost a few years crashed out on coke)

    FINCHER didn’t do anything fancy, with writing this good it is best to take the Spielberg approach and get the hell out the way… let your story do the talking…

    So so so much more I could talk about…but I am not a reviewer in the written sense…Suffice to say me and my friend Derek (My wife calls him my movie mate…lol) we spent about 3 hours on the phone last night doing scene by scene, actor by actor, line by line, discussion of this film…I conclude one of the best movie experiences I have had in the past 5 years…It was as good as feeding chicken to a chicken….LOL…CLASSIC!!!!!!

  2. […] with 12 nods and several other wins, this looks like the big favorite as well as a superb movie The Social Network – while also a very great movie, this might be a #2 choice Toy Story 3 True Grit Winter’s […]

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