what i’ll watch this fall 2010

It’s time for fall, which means back to school, changing colors of the leaves, and bundling up your children (if applicable) before they go outside. It’s also time for TV show premieres! Some of them returning, some of them new, and some of them returning at a new time, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your schedule, what you are used to and if it conflicts with another show you watch, or if you don’t have DVR.

Allow me to say that I do not plan my life around television. As much as I love entertainment as a whole, I value more important things in my life than what’s on TV. Tennis ball collecting and cataloguing, for example. However, on occasion there are a few TV shows that have been deemed “appointment TV”, and I find myself rushing home or to the nearest television so I can get my fix. Those of you who were Losties like myself know exactly what I mean. And since one of the best shows on TV said goodbye a few months ago, we need to find a new show to make an appointment for. No worries. Rather than point to a show that has the possibility of failure (sorry about that FLASHFORWARD call), I will point to the shows that I’ll be checking out this season, whether they are new or returning. Check the schedule cheat sheet to follow along or map out your TV watching this fall. Sadly this doesn’t include cable shows.

Sundays, I rarely watch primetime TV. But my sources say that whatever you were watching will still be there. CSI: MIAMI is the only new show, so I’ll probably tune in for the first few minutes to watch Caruso delivery a corny line and put on his sunglasses.

Monday used to be the night for HEROES… which had a downward spiral since season 2. We won’t talk about that though. I’ve been a fan of CBS’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER for the past couple years but I’ve never really been home to watch it at 8. (Lately, I’ve been at Cartoon Network for a cartoon called ADVENTURE TIME, REGULAR SHOW and MAD, all starting at 8.) Also at the same time is CHUCK, which I keep hearing is an awesome show, but I can’t personally cosign on it yet. However, NBC has a new show that it has been teasing since late spring called THE EVENT starting at 9. I’ll be watching that to figure out what it is and if it’s a suitable LOST replacement. Speaking of
LOST, Daniel Dae Kim will be starring in the reimaging of HAWAII FIVE-0 on CBS starting at 10. I never watched the original. ‘Twas before my time, and I wasn’t interested in TV Land reruns. But it features HEROES alum Masi Oka, so that could be fun. If it isn’t, hopefully I’ll own a Wii by then so I can have my own fun.

I’m excited about Tuesday because of a new show called NO ORDINARY FAMILY. Simple premise, an ordinary family gets superhuman powers. It reminds me of Fantastic Four (for more than one reason), HEROES and THE INCREDIBLES. It starts at 8 on ABC. I actually caught an advanced screening; this is a show I would follow. Unless there’s something on cable, I might take 30 minutes to work on my knitting until RUNNING WILDE comes on. I like Will Arnett and those who are fans of the cancelled-too-soon cult comedy ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT I hear won’t be disappointed. That’s on Fox at 9:30. At 10, I may watch the news or pull out my Crayolas and a coloring book.

I only had one important show to watch on Wednesdays: Emmy winning, hilarious hit comedy MODERN FAMILY. If you haven’t watched this show yet, please do so. Every episode in season one was a blast. That’s at 9 on ABC. I try to be home for this show. But let’s back up to 8pm because J.J. Abrams, one of the geniuses behind LOST, FRINGE, ALIAS, etc. is on NBC with a new show called UNDERCOVERS. I don’t care what it’s about, if Abrams is attached, I’m there. But rest assured you know I know what it’s about: married undercover agents. I was thinking of the movie MR. & MRS. SMITH, but this show might be better. Oh, and I ignored COURGAR TOWN for a while, but it’s not so bad. It’s on after Modern Family on ABC. I’m no longer desperately looking to change the channel.However, Wednesdays at 10 have been reserved for USA network show PSYCH. They are going on hiatus until the winter, so I may check out THE WHOLE TRUTH. Apparently it’s a different kind of legal drama where you see both sides of the story, so we’ll see how that goes. Another new show at the same time is TERRIERS on FX. Just a warning, it’s more adult themed. I’d list shows like TRUE BLOOD and DEXTER but I don’t have HBO or Showtime. Sadness.

Thursday has two blocks of comedy starting at 8 on CBS and NBC. The shows I really want to see start at 8:30, though. The CBS show stars William Shatner called BLEEP MY DAD SAYS, the NBC show is a long time favorite of mine 30 ROCK. I have a feeling Tina Fey will probably win my heart. At least this season she isn’t competing with FRINGE at 9 on Fox. Fringe is must see TV for me. After that, I’m either on a trip to go mountain climbing or working in my laboratory.

Fridays have generally been known as the death slot for TV shows. Like a curse. I hope that isn’t the case for my new favorite cop show THE GOOD GUYS, on Fox at 9. I generally don’t plan on being home at all on a Friday. But if I’m not as some exclusive party in Manhattan or Hollywood, then I’ll at least watch that show if not picking up a movie.

I don’t really need to talk about Saturdays. No one is home anywhere in America to watch anything, and if they are, it’s DVR. And that hasn’t been lost on me: many people DVR everything, or catch it online the next day. So let’s make Saturdays official Catch-Up Days.

And just for fun, I’m going to guess which shows aren’t going to make it to see season 2, or even a season finale. I have no real evidence or inkling these shows won’t make it, these are just the shows I’m least interested in watching at the moment and know the least about. And I have nothing against the CW, it’s just a channel I never paid attention to. I also have very little use for most reality TV. I could be wrong with the following shows, but they are only guesses based on my opinion and without having watched anything yet.

MIKE & MOLLY (I just don’t think it’ll last)

THE DEFENDERS, OUTLAW (No reason, just a guess)

OUTSOURCED (I have my doubts…)

DETROIT 1-8-7, BLUE BLOODS (There are so many cop shows, at least one isn’t going to make it, plus one of them is on a Friday)

RAISING HOPE, BETTER TOGETHER (These don’t look funny from the commercials, but that’s judging books by their covers)

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  1. […] I alerted people about No Ordinary Family a couple posts ago and I think most of us had heard about this show a few months ago as we were going through LOST […]

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