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I’m back once again with a somewhat ongoing debate with the interwebs. I’m also here to give an update on what I’ve more or less been obsessed with for the past week or so. But this is my blog; it’s my own soapbox to declare whatever I would like to talk about instead of going on various message boards, forums and comment boxes to all the YouTube users who have an opinion different than mine. Plus, people are still looking for answers, meanings and interpretations about this whole Power video thing, and I feel I could help out by briefly educating them on what they think is going on. Or for the people who disagree with me, provide meaningful and educated rebuttals.

First of all, according to Mr. West himself, this clip is in fact part of a much larger project. I’m excited about this; however, I hope in order to see it won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I’d buy a DVD if that’s what it is, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Probably more images to decipher? First thing’s first: how about we buy the album first? He seems to be so busy creatively that everyone is eagerly waiting for the remix to “Power” …so in the meantime he threw us the awesome “See Me Now.”

Second order of business of “Power”: there is an alternate and uncensored video clip floating around on YouTube. I actually saw it the other night and it explains reports I read (and cannot find to cite here) about naked women all over the set. Granted, the “real” video aired on MTV has to be censored to a degree, but this version fits in a lot better to the videos I tend to find on Kanye’s artistic blog of pretty things and pretty girls who tend to be pretty naked. I’m only posting a link to the video and not the video itself due to its NSFWisticness. I feel like I’m going against my “for the sake of art” rule, but this is my soapbox, I can post what I want. So there. There are major differences and subtle ones… more women, some of them in different positions, some of them look different altogether. The lady with the wings, were wings are different. You also see more of the portrait, and it’s not in “ruins”. There are no explosions or cool close ups. In fact, it’s shorter. But you’ll see all of this for yourself. My analysis stays the same for the most part. I’m not sure which I like better though. Probably the first version.

Lastly, and I really don’t want to write a novel like I did last week, but I did some further research into what many claim about this “Power” video being influenced by Free Masons, the Illuminati, and a new world order. And I read that someone mentioned tarot cards used in this video, which I know nothing about but may research in the future. I may have mentioned this before, and basically, conspiracy theories are just that: theories. Ideas that haven’t been proven to be true or false. So I don’t see a reason to get all bent out of shape for something that may not even be there. Some people will go to great lengths to make a point and may end up stretching the truth so it reflects what they believe, thus, make it more of a theory and a distorted truth. But those are the people who have actually done the research and might have bent what they learned for their own use. (I’m not saying all theorists do this, I think some of them are real.) Then there are those who grab a nugget of what they heard or saw and run without fully understanding all of what they heard, and this is how high school rumors start, also known as mass hysteria. Remember Y2K? Good times.

Once again, this will be continued. I would really like to write about some other topics even though I’ve enjoyed doing all this research and analysis. I’ve seen a mailbox worth of movies that need reviews, plus I still have to give my three cents about the VMAs. Although, in the end, it’ll still be a popularity contest. All hail Lady Gaga?

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2 comments on “more “power”-ful insights
  1. First, let me say that I like Kanye. I’m a fan. I watched the uncensored video first, and I thought the nudity was gratuitous (and lame). The censored video is much more interesting, visually. I thought of Tarot cards immediately, there is something in this video that echos traditional Tarot imagery, though I can’t put my finger on it and don’t have time to research it. Finally, I think all the paranoia about the Freemasons is nonsense. Folks need to chill with regards to religious imagery. It’s art. Just enjoy it.

    Now, let’s talk about Lost!

    • t. sterling says:

      For you, and for the sake of my own curiosity and research, I will do research the Tarot imagery, since I had actually only just come across it yesterday. But I so would love to give you a high five or handshake or even a hug for your last two sentences “It’s art. Just enjoy it.”

      And even after I posted this, I do like the censored version more. I like the close-ups at the end, it’s darker, more mysterious or cryptic. It feels more like an old fresco than the uncensored one does. There’s little tweaks all over. I still like the uncensored, but I choose the censored.

      Lastly, due to all the hits and comments I’ve been getting, I decided to post further research I’ve done. I wasn’t sure if I was going to, but people seem to still be looking for interpretations and it’d be nice to know that some people can stop being paranoid about the Free Masons at least.

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