how i got LOST: part 4 – reflect

There was and still is a lot to download and process from a show like this. Another thing I tell people is to take note of the books that are shown. Surely it could be just random props thrown in, but those who have watched the show know enough to know that these titles have some significance to a particular episode, theme or the entire show.

The show is full of themes. Arguments of science vs. faith, destiny vs. free will, light vs. dark, good vs. evil and even love vs. hate. And in the end, you find that sometimes the winner is both (obviously “love” and “light” won in LOST). Also, especially the last season, the theme of redemption. And did you notice all those mirror shots? Watch again.

There are also a few questions out there that have yet to be answered… and I’ve learned that we will actually get some of these answers on that DVD, such as what the stank happened to Walt? We know he had to be written out due to his age. But really, what was his deal? Why the dead birds? What about the food drops? Why did that still happen? I really wanted to know more about Ilana too. All we know is that Jacob visited her when some accident happened, and she said he was the closest she had to a father. Then she went boom. I would’ve loved a flashback about her. Those are the main three questions that I can remember. I had idle questions I don’t really need an answer to, like the statue… who built it? What about the temple and its healing waters? Is there anyone in charge of it now? What’s up with Kate’s horse? Who is #108 “Wallace” at the lighthouse? (I kinda still wanna know that one.) What about the Hurley bird? Since Hurley was put in charge, did he leave the island to bring people to it? Was he killed or did he just decide to die? Did Ben remain a good guy? (I can only assume yes since Hurley still treated him like a friend.) Do the Whispers ever get to move on? Again, I’m not really looking for an answer to those questions. But things to think about, yes? Check out for lots more info and theories.

(And just for the record, that very, very last shot when they rolled the credits involving the plane wreckage on the beach had nothing to do with the anything. Read here.)

I have a theory as to why Sun didn’t return with the rest of the Oceanic 6 when they came back to the island. I think because when she first went to the island, she didn’t want to be with Jin. But this time, since she didn’t recreate the same situations necessary for a successful proper return, she was left in the present while everyone else went back in time because she wanted to be with Jin. There are some loopholes in this theory I’m sure and would much rather have the writers explain it. Or I’m open to anyone else’s theory about why she didn’t travel back in time… other than it would make for an interesting story to keep the tension until they finally met in the final episodes.

Probably more practical questions would be what will those involved with LOST do now? I’ve already seen a few of the cast members signed up for new projects. I would love a Sawyer and Miles cop show. Maybe a few LOST co-star cameos. No mythology though. I heard rumor, although I don’t think it’s true, Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson (Locke and Ben) would pitch a show together. True or not, I hope it happens. I don’t care if it’s a comedy or a drama, I’m there.

As for a show to replace the greatness that was LOST, well even though I didn’t watch it all 6 years it was actually on the air, I was around for the beginning. I try to catch those beginning episodes hoping to stumble upon the next big thing. So far, the only show that’s still on the air that I’m devoted to is Fringe. But fall will be here before you know it with a slew of new TV shows that may or may not make it. But one thing is for sure, there won’t be another show like LOST for quite some time. I’m glad I got to enjoy that journey and connected with so many other people on a brilliantly written and produced show.

There’s so much more I can say about the show that I haven’t touched on in these last few posts, but that’s the joy of a show like this: it keeps on giving especially with repeat showings. So I’ll be sure to be back with more insights. But this concludes my LOST reflections for now. Namaste. [Dramatic drum beat] FOUND.

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4 comments on “how i got LOST: part 4 – reflect
  1. Unfortunately, this show is for insiders only. By concept, it seems like a show I would like a lot, but every time I tried to watch it, it was so disjointed and non-sensical, coming from the outside without any back history, that I just couldn’t deal, and was frustrated, and gave up on it.

    • t. sterling says:

      Don’t worry, that’s the same feeling I had, more or less. I admit, there were a few episodes early on I had to force myself through, but once you get the idea of how each episode and season is set up, you get the hang of it. But alas, the show isn’t for everyone. It’d be great if you eventually become an insider though!

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