how i got LOST: part 3 – finale

It’s those questions, theories, and events that made me refuse to blog about LOST because it would only drive me crazy and obsessed (more than I already was/am). Not that that’s a bad thing. But with the show wrapping up soon, I would rather keep my guesses and theories to myself and let the show surprise me with what they had planned up all along. How will it all end?!

And what an ending it was! I don’t think I had ever been so conflicted for an event to happen. Excited and saddened to see the end, but it’s been a month after it ended, I’m coping just nicely. I think everyone has come to their conclusions and are awaiting the release of season 6 to begin watching again from the beginning (if they haven’t already started, or have already begun to do so with Hulu). So many people have their favorite moments from the finale. Many people cried. I don’t know if I would have, there were a lot of distractions going on at my house. We had somewhat of a finale party, but half the people who attended had never watched the show, so we couldn’t help them.

I specifically chose to wait to write about the finale just to gather everyone’s thoughts together. I guess it was to be expected that not everyone was going to like the way it ended… but you can’t please everybody all the time, right? But I also waited because, well, who else wasn’t exactly sure what happened in the last few minutes? It took me a good night’s rest to fully process the events and then later on the next day I figured it out.

I found that explaining the ending of LOST to someone that doesn’t watch it isn’t easy to do, because they don’t fully grasp the meaning behind it. The best I could do was first explain to them how this season was different, “island world vs. Sideways world,” and that the island was real life in real time, and that the Sideways world was somewhat similar to but not really like The Sixth Sense. Sorry, spoiler alert if you still haven’t seen that movie and have been a cave dweller the past decade, Bruce Willis is dead the whole time.

What I try to get across to people is that this show is really about these characters. And it was sure to end on that note too in the Sideways world, reuniting characters with moments that were most significant to them when they were on the island. A lot of those moments, or what I came to call them, “enlightenments” or even “awakenings” if you will, occurred when they touched someone or something that meant a lot to them while on the island. That’s when they “woke up” so to speak. Or I guess, let go. Either way, they became aware of the events that happened on the island and eventually met up at a church so they could all leave to the next life together.

I think one of the best scenes had to be Sawyer and Juliet. That brought the season premier right back to memory… which is what everyone had been waiting for. My least favorite reunion, but still a bit surprising was Sayid reuniting with Shannon. In my mind, the girl for him will always be Nadia… but he moved on. The Charlie, Claire and Kate awakenings were special. Another long awaited event many predicted would happen: Jack’s surgery on Locke that effectively fixed him, and in turn, woke him up. All of that lead to Jack’s final moment. I thought Kate would seal the deal, but no… He kept fighting to let go. It took Daddy Shephard once again to step in, but after Jack touched his coffin.

Looking back, that scene was pretty heavy, much like a lot of the show itself.

But still, the scenes that had most people talking took place on the island. Fantastic editing, by the way, that tied the final island scenes with the final Sideways scenes so everything ended together on the same note. The Man in Black had to go, I wasn’t sure how it would happen but I’m satisfied with his demise. I would have loved to have seen more of my “brotha” Desmond. But he served his purpose in removing the cork so Jack could kill MIB. That’s the way I saw it.

"The End" from

Then Jack had to restore the island, but before doing so, he passed the torch to Hurley to take over protecting the island. And who better to do the job than someone as awesome and caring as him? And with Ben as his #2? And there’s no spin-off to see how much fun that could’ve been? (I hear word we will get an epilogue treat on the DVD.) Meanwhile, a few others that managed to live throughout MIB’s destruction also managed to escape the island that was falling apart due to the removal of the cork. (I realize none of this makes any sense unless you’ve actually seen it. Oh well.) But they wouldn’t have made it home if it wasn’t for Jack restoring the cork, which brought back the light, which saved the island, his friends and the world. Such a task would have killed a man, but it was a sacrifice the island needed, and he was the only one who could do it. With barely an ounce of life left to live, he stumbled to the bamboo forest where we first met him in the pilot. He lay down, looked up into the sky, and let go, smiling. At this point, most people were probably still stable. But no, here comes Vincent. Who appropriately lay down next to Jack as he drew his final breath, letting go happily. Then he closed his eyes. [Soft piano] LOST.

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