“iron man 2” movie review

So far, this summer, Iron Man 2 had been the most satisfying summer blockbuster I’ve seen that I’ve wanted to see. To sum it up in one word, which I know I use this word a lot, but: fun. I enjoyed the ride this movie took me on. The witty and humorous dialogue, the action, the special effects, the star power, I just enjoyed all of it.

Except, and it must be said, Terrance Howard. No offense to the brilliant and underrated Don Cheadle, but I truly miss Howard’s original “Rhodey.” I understand a bunch of problems happened… details aren’t clear to me now… but what’s done is done. Cheadle did a good job nonetheless.

How about Mickey Rourke playing the strong silent type? A quick note before I continue, before this movie, and even before the first one, I wasn’t very familiar with the baddies. In fact, I still don’t know a lot about the Iron Man franchise other than what I see in the movies and Wikipedia. But Whiplash is a pretty mean dude. It was awesome seeing him work in the lab, but I think I would’ve liked to see a little more whipping and thrashing. Although, I must be honest, he did pose a serious threat at the end of the film than just his whips that did more than tickle. My friend and I briefly discussed the ending. The argument made: it wasn’t quite satisfying enough. And perhaps there is a point to be made, but by discussing it further would require spoiling what actually happens. And I won’t do that today.

But let’s talk RDJ and what awesomeness he brings to this film. Well, that’s enough said right there, no? He’s the ultimate party guy. Billionaire playboy. Race car driver. Oh yeah, and he’s brilliant when it comes to weapons and computer devices. I don’t think I really need it, but I want his computer, or, um, garage? It’s full of awesome holograms! Forget touchscreen. And whatever that device is he has in the opening scenes at court… I want that too! But I remember being warned we’d start to see some of his downfall. I guess the great Tony Stark starts to become an alcoholic at some point. (This happens in the comics, at least.) Something we will have at least two more films to see if that happens.

Whatever could I mean by that? Iron Man was just the beginning of starting the Avengers franchise. To those unfamiliar with who the Avengers are, consider it like the X-Men (also by Marvel Comics), but not necessarily mutants and working for the government, to some degree. Well, in 2012, the Avengers will have their own movie after a series of other movies coming before or after it, including Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury and Iron Man 3. Not to mention the past 2 Iron Mans and The Incredible Hulk. Word on the street, Ant-Man will also have a movie too. All of these characters, plus a few more, will appear in The Avengers. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t think anything like this has happened before, and for that, it’s rather exciting. Not to mention the all-star cast? Look at me gushing; let’s stick to Iron Man 2 for now.

With all of that said, stick around after the credits for a teaser. I felt it was rewarding. But then again, I’m a movie fanboy and amateur comic book geek.

Scarlett Johansson was great… I’m not sure if there’s more I need to say. Although she isn’t referred to as her “Black Widow” name, I was under the impression she would play a villain. But again, I’m an amateur at these comic book stories and don’t know all the characters, good or bad.

Sam Rockwell rocks any character he plays so well. And he seems to really enjoy dancing. You’ll notice this when the film gets to its climax. I guess you can say he plays the main villain, although Whiplash (who actually is never called that in the film) always seems to have the upper hand and pose more of a threat to just about anyone who may cross his path.

For the most part, you can survive seeing this movie without the first one, but I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a lot of character building in part 1 that helps to further build in part 2. I can only wait and wonder what part 3 has in store. Also, it’s safe for kids, so bring them and enjoy. Until then, let’s wait for the mighty Thor.

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2 comments on ““iron man 2” movie review
  1. Shaun says:

    I like Iron Man 2 but it was not even close to being as good as the first one. Where there was a clear story to the first movie, the second is cluttered with sub stories, so many that they just left some of out them out as the movie went on. Like the blood disease that went away with a shot, you would think that if their was a shot to get rid of it, Stark would have invented it. I mean he created a new element overnight in the movie, so hey apparently anything is possible. They had two villains in the movie, neither of which were built up enough which is a shame because they both and the movie had tons of potential. The movie made feel like Thor did, that it was just rushed trying to get the the Holy Grail of action movie The Avengers. Especially seeing how Iron Man 3 got pushed off until 2013 that tells me they had a plan to build these characters up more before they released Avengers and changed half way through the process. Since there were no other movies to wait for, after I get off work at DISH I have been catching up on the Marvel movies to get ready for The Avengers, except for Iron Man 2. I found that one streaming for DISH subscribers on DISH online on Epix page, which is a bonus because I didn’t feel this was worth renting again, so the fact I didn’t have to pay was a bonus.

    • t. sterling says:

      Sounded a little bit like an ad for DISH at the end there but it’s cool. I’ve actually been wanting to watch Iron Man 2 again lately, but from what I can recall, regarding the blood issue, I’m curious if that’s the last we’ll actually see that. And it almost always seems that in a sequel, specifically a “part 2” you get 2 villains. I also felt the “central” villain had enough story and character that he could’ve carried the central plot himself, which, if memory serves me right, was to get revenge on Stark for stealing information? Like I said, I need to watch it again.

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