getting down to the business of vacation

I won’t lie. I’m not even going to try to pretend I’ve been super busy these past few days. I am on vacation. It’s not what I’d consider a “real vacation” like the one I planned a few months ago, but I’m not at work and I’m getting paid for the time off… so that’s a decent definition of a vacation.

Besides, it’s not like I haven’t been doing anything.

Monday I was at the Basketball Hall of Fame. I went with the Kitten and her siblings to pass the Memorial Day. I found out that back in the day, the players used to wear knee pads. Also, their jerseys looked more like sweaters without sleeves. And some of these jerseys were actually onesies (I’m not sure how it would be spelled, but it’s the one piece undershirt normally worn by babies). It was definitely interesting. I learned that I could get a rebound ball at 8’10”. And later I lost to a young punk in a game of Horse that I didn’t even want to play. I even broke a sweat! I didn’t go there for that! Later, we all went to the park and kinda forgot that Memorial Day is also National Get Out The Grill and Cook Some Food Day. But we managed to find a spot on the grass and even found some ducks that weren’t too full to eat our moldy bread.

Tuesday I went into the office. My job had set up a mandatory department meeting that required everyone to come into the office (instead of calling up on the phone). They tried to entice us with food before, but that wasn’t enough. So they put the hammer down and demanded our presence. I hadn’t been to the office since… hmm… last year? I can’t say… but it’s been a long time. So long, in fact, that one of my co-workers that I got hired with thought I had been fired. Actually, he thought 75% of the people who currently work at home had been fired. In my opinion, he’s not quite the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m not prepared to be his sharpening stone.

It was nice to see all these people together. Unfortunately, I hadn’t really known many of them long enough and I still felt like a new kid on the block. Plus, all my other friends either moved to another department or no longer work there. I spoke to those I knew (and a few of those are fellow Indoobians), and even talked to a few I never talked to before. This was due to the video game room they set up. Oh yeah, they added some perks besides catered food, like a video game room, card games, and a story board of some kind where you add one line at a time to an ongoing story. I never made it to that story area, shame on me and my writer skills. I was too busy playing Mario Kart and eventually some Wii Sports like golf and tennis.

And there was actually a meeting too, which was why we were there in the first place. That was set up differently too. Not one person spoke much more than five minutes until they turned the meeting into a Family Feud game show. Seriously. After the meeting, we took a group photo that I know I wasn’t in (the photographer show much effort to get us all in the shot). Then after the games and raffle prizes, we all got a good bag, stocked up on desserts, and went home. I was already mentally turned off from work, so when I returned home, I went back to bed before being rudely interrupted by a very dirty text message. (If curiosity is getting the best of you, ask me what it was.)

Later, the macaroni & cheese torch was passed to me and I made my special brand of a dish most people in my family know how to make very well. And now, so do I. It was so cheesy and delicious.

Wednesday Kitten and I roamed the mall for a much longer period of time than we normally do. You see, we aren’t rolling in dough, so we can’t afford to just do or go anywhere. So we window shopped for a couple hours in stores that we normally spend about 10-15 minutes in. And it was fun! After that, we went to my favorite diner in Middletown before realizing we could’ve made the same exact sandwiches we ordered at home for free. Then, we counted and rolled coins. That’s right; on our days of vacation we poor folk wrapped quarters, nickels and dimes. We didn’t have any penny papers, so those are stacked in the middle of her floor.

‘Twas also our last Spanish class. Kitten couldn’t make it due to a karate test (she chose the violence over langauge… I jest). There’s no final exam or anything like that. This was only just to better ourselves and further our educations and possibly even our future employments. Like I may have mentioned, I personally felt bad for flunking out in high school (Spanish class only) and I wanted to relearn the beautiful language without having to worry about grades. Now if I did take it in college, I’d have a much better understanding. I just need to watch more Telemundo and then I can talk to those sexy latinas in both languages. Anyway, kudos to an awesome Spanish teacher that was ten times better than the teachers I had in high school.

But the best part of my week is yet to come… Hopefully pictures will be involved and maybe even posted. But I’ve made empty promises before, so believe it when you see it. Sorry.

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