a wonder (and) full weekend

Last week was pretty busy and a little on the rough side for not only me, but my family, church and a few friends. I don’t normally get into the person aspects of my life, but I do see the Indoob as somewhat of a documentation. But in retrospect, I must say that some positive things came out of such a long week, and I felt the need to recognize them.

For most of the week, I’ve been doing some much needed work on my church’s website. You can check it out if you want, but as you’ll see, I haven’t updated it in a long time. It hopefully will be fully updated by Thursday, or Friday. And I’m no pro at web design, I just know the basics and that’s all that is. Besides, I’m the only one my dad knows that is capable and I currently work for free.

Thursday, my friend whom I shall codename as “Kitten” (although she probably wouldn’t mind if I used her real name) dropped off a gift of appreciation for just being her friend. Internally, I felt like weeping, but really I just don’t know how to handle unexpected niceness like that. I think it’s a guy thing. Pineapple is my favorite fruit… so…

My first chocolate covered fruit!

And check out this sentimental special note that almost surely brought the tears.

In case you are struggling to make out the words, it says “Thank you for being there for me. You really are the best friend anyone could ever have.” She’s awesome.

Friday night, the Kitten and I met up with my other best friend whom I’ve affectionately dubbed “Dearest” and had dinner at a buffet that Kitten and I actually ate at for lunch. So yes, I went to the same buffet twice in the same day. No judging, thanks. Anyway, we met Dearest’s boyfriend whom I heard so much about, and now I can officially approve. But the highlight for me was to have two awesome, beautiful women who happen to be the best friends I’ve had for some time, share a table with me. Another minor note, we seem to share a love for discussing poop. Buy that book, it’d be awesome to see that on a best seller’s list. You know you’re curious. Anyway, the Dearest mailed me a letter I recieved possibly a couple days late, also telling me how great of a friend I am. Look at the time she put into writing me! This is what I love about my friends… the time they take to show me that care is worth so much more than what money could buy.

Saturday I watched an awesome movie called The Notorious Bettie Page. I knew very little about the real life person, and Jaden at ScreenwritingforHollywood indirectly recommended I look into it. I fell in love with the way the movie was shot, that’s the first thing. Secondly, between the actress playing her and Ms. Page herself? Absolutely beautiful. Before the movie was even over I was at my laptop writing up a draft of a treatment to a brand new story this movie inspired. The interesting this it has nothing to do with Betty, pin-up models, or anything that movie dealt with. It really doesn’t have a title, but it’s about a young man who moves from the city to an old southern country town and converts a run down barn into a makeshift movie theater. I was going to use this set up as a way to showcase several short films that I, or others have written and filmed. But the concept took on a life of it’s own as I started fleshing out who this guy was and why he was there and things like that. Honestly, that’s my favorite part about storytelling.

I finished with great timing… Kitten wanted to go out to dinner as well as test her car in the snow. I live on a hill so she had trouble getting to my house, but she made it just as I wrote the ending sentence. We ventured out to Friendly’s which closed early. Too bad for them.

During service on Sunday, I was happy to see some people hadn’t seen in a while. That’s always nice. It also struck me, while someone was talking, not to hold grudges which apparently I think I may be doing. So later today, I will fix that error. Nobody’s perfect, but if there is something wrong with ourselves that we are aware of, why not get it right?

Afterwards the entire family went out to the Olive Garden–where everyone is family. Good times. Dame (my brother-in-law) told me about an idea that he (and my sister, his wife) had been thinking of for sometime. Basically, he’d like to start a production company with me, mostly to help out around the church but to eventually branch out and help others. I’d take video and graphics duties, while he did mostly audio work like recording and sound production. He’s the church’s keyboardist and wrote a few songs. So we’d be a dangerous combination. So we chatted about that later that night while also discussing some recently favorited songs, or styles of songs. I’m currently getting into Go-Go music, similar to this:

The night got better with a phone call from not just a best friend, but one I consider a brother-from-another-mother. We chatted for a while, and for once, about me and my life. It was nice to get some of my own drama out even if I hate admitting I have it. But even while I was telling him my story, it came out as a comedy because it made him laugh. Imagine that.

Lastly, one of my newest friends who doesn’t have a nickname yet, I chatted with online as we watched the last hour of the Golden Globes. Woot woot for 30 Rock and Tina Fey. I’ve been strongly recommended to see Slumdog Millionaire and have even been given a website to watch it for free. But I have morals. And if the movie business is something I want to get into, then it’s like robbing from myself. It’d be different if it were a legit site, like, Netflix, Hulu or something. But ’twasn’t. Yet I do want to see this movie really bad.

Oh, and now Sam is back and fully functional. There’s a picture of him being towed away, but I’m too tired to do that right now. There’s more than enough links and pictures to make this a fully interactive post, no?

So, my lesson to all is that although things may look bad, they could always be worse. Appreciate everything and reflect on the positive because who wants to sit around being sad and depressed?

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5 comments on “a wonder (and) full weekend
  1. Monday Morning Man says:

    Awesome Church website, I love that you can hear the music throughout, ‘gives you energy.

    Good luck on the new screen play, I’m so excited that you keep writing,

    Leesh and I have a present for you for x-mas, shoot me your address when you can. and Merry Christmas


  2. Church Website Tips says:

    It’s great that people like you are serving churches making websites. You (and your visitors)might like to read our church website design hints and tips.

    I’m going to show my wife your blog and see if she sends me chocolates 😉

    Your friends sound fab!

  3. t.sterling says:

    @Simon – The music was specially requested from my dad, so it stays until the visitor decides they’ve had enough. And yes, I stay with a pen in hand or not too far from a keyboard. I’m curious what this gift may be.

    @Church Website Tips – I’ll definately check out your site. I’ll take all the advice I can get… but not all at once. I personally prefer cookies, but my friend didn’t have their number or the money they ask for… but I’m grateful nonetheless. And yes, they are excellent friends that I’m blessed to have.

  4. ScreenwritingforHollywood says:


    Your script idea sounds cool. You would love this crazy old speakeasy theater where I live.

    I LOVE when a book or movie inspires me, trigger new thoughts, old thoughts, new imagery — those become my favorites. Sometimes, I start reading a book, and after a few pages, I am already off writing 10 pages of my own. Such a great and exciting feeling.

  5. t.sterling says:

    @Jaden – As I may have mentioned, it’s your fault I saw that movie… even though it was going to be shipped to me later than sooner. But you’re right, it’s an awesome feeling getting struck with a strong sensation of inspiration.

    And I probably would love that theater. I have this thing now where even landscapes or buildings inspire me, and if I have stories in mind already, I’ll pretend I’m a location scout and seeing if my story would work for that location.

    Anyway, I’d love to send you just the outline I wrote. I didn’t so any work with it since I wrote it… but that’s fine, I got the story out of my head so I’m able to sleep.

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