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I’ve given in to another trend of the times. I keep hearing about this Twitter business, so I started one mere moments ago. I don’t have many friends on it right now. In fact, the 1st guy I don’t even know but sent me a friend’s request on Facebook about a year ago. I still haven’t accepted. Anyone else familiar with an Uncle Shag? He’s not my uncle. I don’t know who the stank he is. Maybe he created Twitter? I don’t know.

What I do know is that it’s way later than I’m normally awake and that’s because I fell asleep from around 10pm to 1am. Oh yeah, it was a wild Friday night for me indubitably. I won’t get into details of the unadulterated events. Actually, prior to my late night nap I had a fun day eating Stuffed Crust pizza with a belated birthday girl, venturing the mall with their pre-Christmas sales, coming home to do 2 hours of overtime work, then watching Tropic Thunder with commentary by the stars. Oh, and there was some mountain climbing and paintball gunning involved too. Lies. All of it were outright lies and I apologize. But hey, to get to my Twitter thingy just remember so go check on it from time to time.

In any event, here I am blabbing away as usual about nothing in particular. Except about my new Twitter which I can now update via my phone. Actually, I’m able to update this blog with my phone, but I think with Twitter, it’s built with text messages in mind, whereas regular blogs are not. Still, you can catch my latest up-to-date adventures on the side bar, and feel free to follow me and I may be inclined to follow you if you have one. I may actually be doing something worth Twittering about, which may find it’s way in the next blog entry I write. Even if it doesn’t, it’s great for nosey people or those who just want a one sentence response to “what are you doing?” I’ll refrain from bathroom adventures unless of course my pyromania returns and I feel the urge to light something on fire in the bath tub. I no longer have pictures of my last bout of excitement, but it was fun. It was also a good use to get rid of bad cologne.

Before I go, check out and their videos to break down things in simple terms for people like you and me to understand. They have a video about Twitter which encouraged me… So give it a look-see. Also, check out who is an expert storyboard artist, which I am beginning to feel is an under appreciated field once you realize how important this job is to the filmmaking process. I’m mentioning these two sites because they are further encouragement to me on how to tell better stories. More so Karen’s blog than CommonCraft, but she explains that you can tell a really good story with stick figures, and CommonCraft gets the point across very effectively. Hey, I give props where props are due. (Plus she gave me a plug on her blog, it’s about time I mention hers). And I think in December, I’ll start work on a new writing project and seriously commit some time to completing my next script or scripts. I must remember to start small. Then, with my arsenal of scripts, I could rule the world! Muahahaha! Wow, I need to go to bed…

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5 comments on “indoob goes twitter
  1. KarenJL says:

    Hey guy!

    Thanks for the shout-out (even if it was guilt induced šŸ™‚ ).

    Nice to see you on Twitter too. I am one of your 5 followers now I think. Build that up a bit so folks don’t think you’re a spammer. šŸ˜‰

    The trick to Twitter is add value (cool links etc), participate by replying to others and be interesting. Please don’t say you’re buying tomatoes or something. People don’t care.

    With your wit and charm, you’ll be just fine and probably get addicted to it.


  2. t.sterling says:

    Thank you for your encouragement, support and guidence in this new world. I guess I am to basically respond to complete strangers and make new friends since i don’t know a lot of people… yet.

  3. screenwritingforhollywood says:

    Twitter —- aaaaaaaaaah can’t do it.

  4. t.sterling says:

    I’m still trying to get the hang of it… although it’s only been about 24 hours.

    I think it might be a good place to dispose my random thoughts to the world with text messages.

    I don’t hop all the popular trends though. Only the cool ones.

  5. KarenJL says:

    @ Jaden – Yeah, I resisted a while too. But it’s kind of fun once you start following lots of people. And it’s brought some new traffic to the blog.

    @ T – Yup. Start following folks. Just sitting there with few followers and few following, it won’t be much fun. Kind of like talking to an empty room. Click on names, see who they’re following (poke around my group).

    Most will follow back if you look unspammy. The less activity you have, the less people will follow because it might look like you just went on there to sell something.

    It’s like a bar or a party…you may not know folks but you can talk to them anyway. I don’t know most of the folks I’m connected with.

    Geez, I look like some Twitter pusher here… šŸ™‚

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