fripodding and changing

So I guess I’m still on my charity kick. Not a bad thing, but I enjoy writing the more light heart hearted material. I’ll save the heavy stuff for those moving scenes in my movies. Speaking oh which, I’m formulating a plan in which I’ll write short scripts for myself when I do podcasts. (Actually, I’m not sure if they’ll be officially “podcasts” but it’d be cool if I could… and just the thought of me being in YOUR iPod… gives me chills all over my body. OoooOOoooo! Yeah, it’s like that… which is a bit creepy… sorry.) Anyway, I’ll bring my movie reviews to the Workforce, but after I’ll actually film myself talking about it. I’d do it now, but I lack the capability of transferring video to PC… and I’m not about to just buy some run of the mill webcam when I know I can do better. In the meantime, I’ll hone in on other crafts until I can afford that (and a Mac). The podcasts (which will have a special name all its own) will contain other fun things besides reviews… but we’ll talk about that bridge when it’s in sight.

Back to charity… Today’s friPod iPick hails from the King… of Pop. And I’m sure it’s some what inspired by the King… the Reverend. It’s none other than the #1 hit in the ’88 (and no, I don’t remember it at the time, but I’m quite fond of it now), Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirrorand I even provided a link which I wasn’t going to do because EVERYONE should know this song.

The video is taken from the Moonwalker home video that was released back in his prime. I’ve watched it several times, I don’t hide the fact that I’m a long time fan. I will say that at the time, I didn’t know what or who were in most of those clips interlaced in the video. In fact, I didn’t even really know what the song was about, but for some reason it made me wanna cry a little bit just because I could feel the emotion in the song. While it “randomly” iPodded the other day at work, it brought back a flood of memories like it normally does when I hear it. Then iSaac decided to keep repeating the song, what a weird iPod it is.

And it’s a great song I love to lampoon because it’s hard to translate some of his lyrics from what you actually hear, that is, if you don’t know the song very well. At times I feel as though I’m singing with my teeth clenched. (Yes, I’ve sung this song many times in my room and in front of the mirror. Don’t act like you haven’t. Maybe not to this song, but there’s something on Jackson’s discography that makes you go into concert.) And of course there’s the infamous “cha’mon!” Oh, these were the days. He practically ruled the world at this time. This is a time I was growing up listening to him and watching people go nuts. People don’t pass out at concerts anymore. What a waste of money. Go see MMJ and you faint, then you’re carried off to who knows where. And this dude has always been original with his wardrobe. I couldn’t pull off have his outfits. But he did tend to pull them off. This is during the time he was… uh… fit? Young. We’ll go with young. Can you believe this dude is 50? Have you seen my childhood?… (His? Yes.) I jest.

Again, I digress. With these times of change, I thought this song would be fitting. Even though we are looking for change from our new President, we must not forget that change starts with us. So go find a mirror right now (well, wait until you’re done reading) and ask that man or woman or whatever to change their ways. (If the image talks back to you… I can’t help you.) We all want, or should want to see this world change for the better and that can’t happen if you don’t do anything about it. Whether it’s helping the environment, a wee child, your next door neighbor, their next door neighbor, a squirrel or the less fortunate: make that change.

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2 comments on “fripodding and changing
  1. Melissa Donovan says:

    Aw, this was never one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs. I loved the Thriller album but I think my favorites are the pre-Thriller disco dance tunes. Dance and shout, don’t stop till you get enough. Yow!

  2. t.sterling says:

    LOL, you are indeed hilarious. Youd probably danced a little jog just thinking about it.

    But I feel ya, I have my favorites from different periods in his musical career. I recently bought and downloaded “Don’t Stop till You Get Enough” once I realized it was missing from my collection. ‘Tis all good now.

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