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Lately I’m finding more time to myself now that I’m getting other… I don’t know… I guess you can call them distractions… but they are getting out of the way. One of the bigger issues was getting Sam back, which I have done. It’s not completely taken care of yet since I still owe some $$$ on the repair job. At least it’s inspired me of yet another project to work on tentively titled “Adventures in Having a Car.” It will showcase the “joys” of operating a motor vehicle. A big segment will be devoted to “The Law” and all the fun you can have going to court for various reasons like driving and talking on you cell phone (which is illegal in Connecticut), driving an unregistered and/or uninsured car, and my latest offense–speeding. In one episode, we’ll talk about why and how you can benefit fighting a ticket and what happens if you don’t. Then we’ll shed some light on yet another reason I might want to leave Sam and CT for the subway and cab-filled city of New York.

To shed some light on where this idea came from, I got a notice from the lovely DMV telling me I need to take a course in driving safety or else my license will be suspended. This is due to me just paying my speeding ticket thinking that it will be over and done with. I was mistaken. Sigh.

But back to the writing–I sit at my console (I love saying that) and I look through my list of projects to work on and never actually get around to working on any of them. I get distracted by other things I have on my table (which is usually half of my bed) which consists of unwatched movies and unread books. Wednesday I got a good 2 hours of harp learning and practice in. Saturday and Sunday I did some Spanish exercises. You can expect me to throw in some Spanish from time to time here. Furthermore, Saturday night I finally watched The Forbidden Kingdom which has been sitting on my bed for the past two weeks. I still need to finish watching Freaks and Geeks so I can return those to Netflix and get more DVDs to sit on my bed unwatched for weeks at a time.

Speaking of my room, I was terrified of a freakishly large spider hanging out on my jeans yesterday. I wasn’t wearing them yet, and at first glance thought it was a ball of string. My God I was wrong. I’m not a girl. I don’t scream. I voiced a very manly “WHOA!” and tossed them in the middle of the room, watching them cautiously lay there being passively occupied by an intruder with 6 extra legs. I grabbed one of four shoes I found and pounded around looking for this quarter-sized pants-stealer. I found him/her eventually and committed spidercide, then vacuumed the body, put on my pants, and went to church. No forgiveness was asked. I think there’s a rule somewhere for spiders thou shalt not touch another man’s garments or something.

I wrote an article years ago for my high school news paper about my friend Billy, who was a spider living in my room. He stayed by the ceiling, and we had an agreement that he would never cross the line, and I won’t kill him. Unfortunately, my mom told me she killed him and didn’t tell me, and an imposter Billy came about, but failed to recognize the treaty. I do believe I killed that one once I learned of Billy’s fate. But I find it humorous thinking “what if…” What if who I killed Sunday was actually Billy? Or maybe Billy’s offspring seeking revenge? I didn’t see a resemblance. Billy was much smaller than this beast. I don’t think they were remotely related.

I digress. Severely. I really wanna write a script or something but have a hard time choosing from projects I’ve started. But I think I’m going to set a goal for myself this week to work on some of the serial works I have. Like the Fickette McSavvy cartoon. At least I can have a pilot episode written. At least. Or maybe my Noah Madison stories. Something. I need the juices to pump and flow. I need the euphoria of accomplishment. Hmmm… I like that. Plus you just don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to throw a word like “euphoria” out and have it actually mean something. I decree that will be the middle name of a future child! Do you hear that future wife and mother to that child(ren)? ______ Euphoria Watson. Heck! It even works as a first name. And it is written. Other names I like to throw in the ring: Jade, Phoenix, Nefertiti… I can’t think of the others right now.

I’m not sure when the writing will occur. Possibly tomorrow evening after work and before Fringe. Maybe late on Thursday night. Sometime during Friday or Saturday? Who really knows? Plus I have a number of books to complete/study/skim. So I must make time for that also. Stay in school, kids.

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2 comments on “write about now
  1. Melissa Donovan says:

    OMG! You killed Charlotte! Whenever someone kills a spider, I want to say that, because who doesn’t love Charlotte and her Web? I think your story about Billy is cute and would make an interesting book – maybe a children’s book?

  2. t.sterling says:

    This was no Charlotte. I would’ve heard my pants singing, or they would’ve had something radiant about them. None of that. Not Charlotte. Not Billy. Invaded pants without permission. Had to die.

    But Billy? I never thought about making that into a children’s book but I think it could work. Then eventually turn it into a cartoon of book-to-movie movie. Thanks.

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