too much news

Okay… so there is so much happening in the past few days and days to come I can’t contain it. So in order to keep the attention to those that do read my rambling blog every so often, I shall keep the events short and to the point while still keeping my wittisms and mannerisms that make my blog true to it’s nature of indoobness.

First, I learned yesterday that my church has been confirmed to receive a grant worth $30,000! That’s thirty-thousand dollars. It mainly goes to our after-school program that we recently started this past spring and will start again this coming fall.

Secondly, we are awaiting notice of confirmation (which is most likely going to happen within the next week) of a 2nd grant for our church worth $400,000. That’s four. Hundred. THOUSAND. Within that hunk of money lies my Mac and whatever else I might need in my studio which is being realize soooo much sooner than I originally planned. What’s also in that grant? Paychecks for people who work for the church–which is actually surprising to me–includes me on the payroll. Why? I’m the A/V technician and webmaster. There are other people who do great work for the church too, so they would also be paid by this grant. Most excitingly would be my dad, whom is the pastor, would get paid from this so he would no longer have to suffer driving an hour away everyday at a job that pays him so little for the amount of work he does… PLUS having to leave work and be a pastor which is a much more demanding and important job. Sigh. But alas, this will be so much better for him and I’m so happy about it.

But that’s not all. There’s one more grant we’re waiting for confirmation from. This grant actually sent us two letters so far saying it’s on the way. How much is this grant worth? Over Six Million. I was literally in tears yesterday morning after hearing this news. Not only me, but my dad, my mom, my sis, my brother-in-law, and my grandmother. A few other were in tears too… those that know how much we struggle in our personal lives trying to do all we can to make ends meet both at home and the church. There’s a reason why it seems like God makes His people suffer. Long story short: It’s a test. Moral of that test: Don’t lose faith. And rest assured, we won’t in the least. Just the opposite. More faith. Woot!

But wait! There’s more! Our wonderful grant-writer whom I’ve known as Rev. Richardson is going to open up her own corporation and is putting in a grant for herself on Wednesday. She included us in on that grant. I don’t want to say how much it is just for the pure shock of it. I mean I thought the 6 mil was a head trip, but she’s got us practically set for life. Nevertheless, the money will be used for what it’s intended for. Overall, enlarging the Kingdom of Heaven. What’s that mean? Helping those who need help, like the sick or the lost or what have you… The things churches are supposed to do. That’s been my dad’s mission since he started this church 3 years ago. And we’ve never stopped doing what we could since we started. And no, it wasn’t easy. In fact, no one said it would be. Even more fact, people doubted we could do it. Sigh… Ye of little faith. That there was something my dad said that really shook me up inside… In the name of God, he’s planning on taking over the city of Middletown.

As for other news, I’ll be coming home to work very, very soon. Wednesday they will install our cable and phone. thursday we are supposed to get out chairs. Over the past weekend they installed the special program we need on our computers to take them home. All we need is the routers which will be shipped to our house. So my original countdown was off a week, and the new one might’ve been overshot. We’ll see since it all depends on when the router arrives.

All of this news is really exciting, altogether. But I’m taking it in stride, day by day. I can’t lose my focus on what I need to do. Even with all the excitement, I still have other projects I need to work on. Sam Cooke for instance. I need to have the screenplay written before the month is over. I was thinknig of holding off until I received Erik Greene’s book on his uncle’s life. I read an excerpt on, and from that alone I think I know how to start and end it. I’m still going to read the book, but I at least need to start it. Plus it’s a screenplay… The majority of it will always be constantly rewritten even while it’s being filmmed. In any event, I need to have a complete script by the end of August to meet my challenge deadline as well as have something to show my uncle. Hey, I might as well get ready for the Hollywood world, right? I’ve always wanted to be the exception to the game, so maybe I will make my own deadlines and play by my own rules and take my Tyler Perry-esque stake in Hollywood.

Did I mention I’m excited? Yes yes yall.

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One comment on “too much news
  1. Jaden @ Screenwriting for Hollywood says:

    Congratulations on all those grants. May it find its way to good causes.

    Here are some famous quotes to help remind us to question our intentions and actions:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” — 1887 Lord Acton

    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it” — 1770 William Pitt, the Elder, The Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister

    “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious.”
    “Once it takes hold of us it never lets go.”
    — Gollum/Smeagol in Lord of the Rings

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